Present generation must focus on promoting Sankirtana: Manipur Education Minister Rajen
Sankirtana of Manipur is enlisted in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of India by UNESCO, the present generation should never forget this gift, the minister said.

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Remembering the recognition of Sankirtana of Manipur as Intangible Cultural Heritage of India by UNESCO, a programme titled ‘Celebrating Sankirtana of Manipur: India’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ was held on Friday.

The programme was jointly organised by Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy (JNMDA) and Intellectual Forum of North East (IFNE), Manipur at the auditorium of JNMDA.

Attending the function as chief guest, Education Minister S Rajen Singh said that Manipur is well known for its rich culture, tradition and performing arts in the world. Through its unique cultural identity, the state has occupied a place in the international arena. However the present generation of the state is betraying their own culture and trying to copy others, he added.

He further said that due to the efforts of the forefathers, Sankirtana of Manipur is enlisted in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of India by UNESCO. The present generation should never forget this gift bestowed by the ancestors and must focus on promoting it.

“A society with no culture is no point to exist. It is through culture and tradition that we are going to introduce ourselves that who we Manipuri are. The promotion and preservation of this rich culture and tradition is in the hands of present and future generations. It is high time for the youth to think deeply about their own culture,” Rajen said.

MP of Lok Sabha (Inner Manipur), RK Ranjan said that people of the state are happy for enlisting Sankirtana as an intangible cultural heritage of India. However, it is questionable whether the people of the state are following the rich culture. 

Meiteis have different rituals for different ceremonies like marriage, death, birth and others. But most of the traditional practices are losing gradually, he lamented.

Other dignitaries who attended the function were vice-chairman of JNMDA, Imphal, Prof H Tombi Singh and MLA of Kakching assembly constituency, M Rameshwor Singh as president and special invitee respectively.

It may be mentioned that Sankirtana is a performing art form, comprising ritual singing, drumming and dancing of Manipur. It was included on the Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity during the eighth session of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee meeting held in Baku, Azerbaijan in December 2013.


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First published:4 Dec 2020, 4:47 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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