Meghalaya police seize cache of explosives in East Jaintia Hills district
Approximately 1,525 kg of explosives were seized during a raid conducted at a village in East Jaintia Hills district.


Updated on 3 Dec 2020, 4:28 pm

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Meghalaya police seized approximately 1,525 kg of explosives during a raid which was conducted at a village in East Jaintia Hills district.

Assistant Inspector General of Police (A) GK Iangrai informed on Thursday that the raid was conducted Wednesday night immediately after police received information about the movement of explosives from the Soo-Kilo area to Kongong.

During the operation, a Mahindra Bolero vehicle was intercepted at Kongong which falls under the Ladrymbai police outpost.

Iangrai said that during the search operation the vehicle was found to be loaded with 10 cartons with 250 kg of explosives (2,000 Gelatin sticks), 1,000 live detonators and eight rolls of fuse wire.

Two persons occupying the said vehicle have been arrested, Iangrai said.

“On interrogation of these two apprehended suspects, four other people were also arrested, who later led police to a location at San Kilo under Khliehriat Police Station where the explosives are suspected to have been loaded into the Bolero vehicle,” Iangrai said, while adding that these four suspects were arrested from Umpleng, Mokympad and San-Kilo. They are charged with supplying the explosives to the two arrested earlier.

A search carried out at this location led to the discovery of 51 cartons loaded with approximately 1275 Kgs of explosive (10,200 Gelatine sticks), 5,000 detonators and eight rolls of fuse wire which were all seized.

The AIGP said that a criminal case has been registered under the Explosives Act and other relevant sections of the law and an investigation into the matter is on.

First published:3 Dec 2020, 4:28 pm




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