Teachers must take initiatives to promote government schools: Manipur Education Minister S Rajen
With the government’s ‘go to hills’ and ‘go to valley’, including ‘school fagathalasi’, the number of dropout students in the state has been decreasing, the minister said.

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Most of the government schools teachers are more qualified as compared to that of private schools, hence government school teachers need to take initiatives to promote government schools, Manipur Education Minister S Rajen said Monday.

Rajen was speaking as function president at the inaugural ceremony of Oinam Thingel Government Primary School, Singjamei, Imphal Monday.

The minister said the education department is one of the most important departments. If proper education is not provided to children then the future generation of society will be doomed, he said.

Rajen said the state National Education Policy (NEP) task force has been established and the first meeting of the task force was held. For the next meeting legislature, local body leaders, and representatives up to the level of panchayat will be included, he added.

The education policy will bring a change in the future and would be more effective than the old policy. With the government’s ‘go to hills’ and ‘go to valley’, including ‘school fagathalasi’, the number of dropout students in the state has been decreasing, he added.

With the ‘school fagathalasi’ mission, the government has converted some schools to the level of model school and by the end of the year more school at model school level will be inaugurated, the minister said. He said during the Congress era, the representatives compete on gathering wealth. For a representative, we need to compete on developmental works and its result, he added.

Rajen further said if the teacher put effort to bring out quality education, Oinam Thingel Government Primary School could be upgraded to upper primary level.

Speaker Y Khemchand, speaking as the chief guest of the function, assured the teachers of the primary school that no teachers of a school will face transfer if the teacher gives the best performance to bring good quality education. He said he will press the government and concern minister for upgradation of the said primary school to upper primary level.

Khemchand appealed to the people to contact directly the representatives for any sort of grievances despite gossiping in streets and hotels. Good suggestions from the people are also welcome in order to bring development, he said.

Imphal Municipal Corporation Mayor L Lokeshwor Singh, retired headmaster Akoijam Ramananda and others attended the inaugural function as dais members.


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First published:30 Nov 2020, 10:59 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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