Myanmar releases 34 Indian nationals jailed in different cases
Thirty-two of them were civilians who were detained mostly for traveling beyond the free movement regime without proper documents.

ByMoreh Correspondent

Updated on 27 Nov 2020, 1:37 pm



In all, 34 Indian nationals who were serving jail term in Myanmar in different cases were released by the Myanmar government and handed over on Thursday. They were deported through Tamu-Moreh border in Tengnoupal district Manipur.

Of the 34 Indian Nationals, four of them are females and 30 are males and most of them are from Manipur. 

Deputy secretary Home, Government of Manipur Yengkhom Rashni, said that 32 of them were civilians who were detained mostly for traveling beyond the free movement regime without proper documents. While the state was only facilitating the receiving and hand over over, Rashni said that the deportation process was done at the ministry level. She said the civilians were handed over to their respective families.

The deported Indian nationals were received by YK Anand-Immigration officers, staff of custom department and ICP and a team of Moreh police led by SI -K Tunung at Indo-Myanmar friendship bridge.

A medical team led by Dr A. Sushil, district surveillance officer, conducted covid screening to all the 34 Indian nationalsat Integrated check post (ICP) Moreh. Later, the Moreh police transported them to Moreh police station. The Indian side also deported as many as 28 Myanmar Nationals to Myanmar authority at the same border point.

The Myanmar nationals were arrested or detained from different places of India. Eight are transported from Nagaland, 19 are fromAssam and one from Mizoram. They were all arrested under the Foreigners Act.

The Indian nationals deported on Thursday have been identified as Kim (40) D/o Letkholun, Manipur, Meimae(33) D/o Helking of Manipur, Chaungpui (25) D/o Zolian of Nangoao, Chandel, Can Linggi (55) D/o Jankhocap of Molcham, Lalthan Zuol (37) S/o Thanhuin of Molcham, Chandel, Augustine (33) S/o Philip of Kangpat, Ukhrul, Varehao Ningsen (26) S/o Sinakhui Ningsen of Kangpat, Ukhrul; Hem min Len (24) S/o Thenjang of Moreh Ward no.1, Ma ma (31) S/o Zarwar of Molcham, Chandel, Lalbawel (38) S/o Zamkholal of Moreh W/no. 7,Tong Tin Lal (32) S/o Ngam lat of Thingphai, Chandel, Mangthong (37) S/o Letkhohau of Thingphai, Chandel, N. Kesho Meitei (59) S/o Yaima of Moreh W/no. 9, Paominthang (45) S/o Janchun of Thingphai, Chandel, N Soaching (29) S/o N Esau of Kangpat, Ukhrul, Yaomi Ningsen (41) S/o N Benjamin of Kangpat, Ukhrul,Mang Lian Hang (32) S/o Kham Lianthang of Moreh W/no. 2, La Khan Nike (35) S/o Sei tu Nike of India, Ni Lie (29) S/o Ram Charan of Sitapur, UP, Paulinthang (30) S/o Paulet of Moreh W/no.7, Kham kan khawl (32) S/o Tongpao of Manipur, Youngyang (37) S/o Thang mang of Chandel, Manipur, Lunminthang (37) S/o Letkhosei of L Bongjol, Chandel, Lengminthang (40) S/o Haokholet of Wayang, Chakpikarong, Lankhanlun (40) S/o Langthang of Lamka, Tuibung, Thong Lim (29) S/o Holkhothong of Katong, Chandel, Ngan ma Lim (33) S/o Zankholun of Manipur, Lal Htlanhtalunar (22) S/o Vetacunar of Champhai, Mizoram, Thomkhalal (42) S/o Khupjapao of Joldam, Chandel, Holpao Mate (43) S/o Lhun let of SL Changpal, Khengjoy, Thongkhohou mate (21) S/o Holsei mate of Chakpikarong, Letkholelmate (19) S/o Holpao of Chakpikarong, Pu Dulak Jama Tia (20) S/o Naiginmon of Tripura and Ahinpa@Romon (25) S/o Basantha of Ma Hlaing village Imphal.  

First published:26 Nov 2020, 5:29 pm


Moreh Correspondent

Moreh Correspondent

MOREH district, Manipur

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