Saitu Bypoll Results: BJP candidate Ngamthang Haokip wins against Lamtinthang Haokip
Ngamthang Haokip won a total vote count of 24,394 while INC candidate Lamtinthang Haokip managed 12,250 total votes.

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Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Ngamthang Haokip has won the 51-Saitu AC seat of the Manipur Legislative Assembly by 12,144 votes against INC candidate Lamtinthang Haokip. Ngamthang Haokip won a total vote count of 24,394 while Lamtinthang Haokip managed 12,250 total votes.

In the tenth round of the vote counting BJP secured 2,233 votes while the INC candidate secured only 955 total votes. 

Speaking to the media at his office quarter located at Officer’s colony, Sanjenthong, Ngamthang said, “There is no question for a re-poll for Saitu assembly constituency; the by-election was conducted peacefully for the constituency”.

“I have won six times from the Saitu assembly constituency and this by-poll has the highest number of margin by leading 12,144 votes against the rival INC candidate”, said Ngamthang.

He expressed his gratitude towards Chief Minister N Biren Singh for supporting him in the by-election as a BJP candidate after he resigned from congress MLA.

Mentioned may be made that Ngamthang Haokip was elected from Saitu assembly constituency as Indian National Congress (INC) candidate in the last general assembly election held in 2017.

Ngamthang further said that the credit of winning the by-election goes to his workers, chief agents and polling agents, including voters. 

He added that he will give priority for the development work to roads, bridges, community halls and churches.


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IFP Bureau

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