Manipur Bypoll 2020 Results: BJP wins three seats, Independent one
The BJP won in Wangoi, Wangjing Tentha and Saitu. Md Abdul Nasir, Independent candidate supported by the BJP lost in Lilong AC.

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Updated on 11 Nov 2020, 8:49 am

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday won three seats of the four assembly constituencies by-polls held in the state except in Lilong despite extending its support to Independent candidate Md Abdul Nasir.

By-elections was held in the state Assembly constituencies of 22-Wangoi, 34-Wangjing Tentha, 30-Lilong and 51-Saitu on November 7.

BJP candidates Oinam Lukhoi Singh, Paonam Brojen Singh and Ngamthang Haokip won in Wangoi, Wangjing Tentha and Saitu respectively, while Independent candidate Y Antas Khan won the Lilong seat.

Although BJP did not field its candidate in Lilong, it openly supported Md. Abdul Nasir, who lost to Antas by over 3000 votes. Antas, a former loyalist of the BJP, secured 17106 votes while Nasir got 14,028. Congress candidate Md Azizul managed to get a meagre 142 votes.

In Wangjing Tentha, P Brojen Singh of BJP was re-elected in the assembly after securing 15,321 votes. His nearest rival INC candidate Moirangthem Hemanta secured 13808 votes. Independent candidate Sarangthem Manaobi got only 331 votes.

Oinam Lukhoi defeated his nearest Kh. Loken Singh of the National People’s Party with just 197 more votes. Lukhoi got 10960 votes and Loken got 10763 votes while Salam Joy INC got 5591.

In Saitu, veteran politician Ngamthang Haokip of the BJP defeated his only rival Lamtinthang Haokip of INC with a margin of over 12000 votes. Ngamthang Haokip got 24549 votes and Congress candidate got 12290 votes.

The ECI had scheduled by-polls in as many as five assembly constituencies of Manipur on November 7. Of the five assembly scheduled for by-poll BJP had won the Singhat seat unopposed after the only opponent candidate withdrew his nomination.

With the four win in the by-poll and recent verdict of the High Court that elected Rameshwar of BJP in Kakching assembly, the tally of the party has now increased to 23 in a house of 60 with an effective strength of 53. Earlier, the BJP was reduced to 18 from the original 21 after the recent political crisis. Court cases are reportedly pending in the remaining ACs that are lying vacant.

The counting of votes of the by-elections that was held on November 7 began 8 am Tuesday. Despite the fear of COVID-19 attack, a high voter turnout of 92.54 per cent was registered in the by-elections of the four assembly constituencies - Wangoi, Lilong, Wangjing Tentha and Saitu.

Wangoi had recorded the highest poll percentage with 93.26 per cent, followed by Lilong with 93.3 per cent votes, Wangjing 92.3 per cent and Saitu 91.59 per cent.In a first in the state, 12 COVID-19 patients exercised their franchise in Wangoi constituency of Thoubal district.


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First published:10 Nov 2020, 12:40 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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