Manipur Bypolls 2020: Counting of votes underway

Counting of votes of the by-elections in four assembly constituencies of Manipur - Wangoi, Lilong, Wangjing Tentha and Saitu is being carried out on Tuesday..

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Updated 10 Nov 2020, 3:16 pm

Counting of votes underway (Photo IFP)
Counting of votes underway (Photo IFP)

Counting of votes of the Manipur by-elections that was held on November 7 began 8 am Tuesday. Despite the fear of COVID-19 attack, a high voter turnout of 92.54 per cent was registered in the by-elections of the four assembly constituencies of Manipur - Wangoi, Lilong, Wangjing Tentha and Saitu. Wangoi had recorded the highest poll percentage with 93.26 per cent, followed by Lilong with 93.3 per cent votes, Wangjing 92.3 per cent and Saitu 91.59 per cent.

22-Wangoi, Imphal West

Sixth round, BJP candidate Oinam Lukhoi Singh got 10841 votes while Loken closes in with 10628 votes, followed by Joy of INC with 5540 votes and NOTA 94.

Fifth round, BJP candidate Oinam Lukhoi Singh continued to lead with 9660 votes followed by NPP's Kh Loken with 8883 votes and Salam Joy of INC with 5194 votes and NOTA 82

Fourth round, BJP candidate Oinam Lukhoi Singh continued to lead with 7,060 votes followed by NPP's Kh Loken with 6,792 votes and Salam Joy of INC with 4,733 votes and NOTA 69

Third round - Oinam Lukhoi Singh of the BJP was leading with 5102 votes followed by Kh Loken Singh of NPP with 4665 votes and Salam Joy Singh of INC with 4340 votes and NOTA - 54.

Second round of the counting of votes in Wangoi, Imphal West recorded the following:


Oinam Lukhoi - BJP - 3039, Khuraijam Loken - NPP - 3040, Salam Joy - INC - 3907, NOTA - 40 

30-Lilong AC

Third round - Independent candidate Y Antas Khan continued to lead with 14,541 votes followed by Nasir with 11,761 votes.

Second round - Antas Khan was leading with 10,947 votes followed by Md Abdul Nasir of Independent with 7939 votes.

In the first round of the counting of votes, Antas Khan - Independent got 5814 votes, Md Abdul Nasir - Independent - 3820 votes and Md Azizul Haque Khan Congress - 1922 votes.

34-Wangjing Tentha

Third round - BJP's Paonam Brojen Singh continued toi lead with 14822 votes, followed by INC candidate Moirangthem Hemanta with 12,950 votes.

Second round of counting of votes in 34-Wangjing Tentha saw Paonam Brojen leading with 10,465 votes, followed by Moirangthem Hemanta of INC with 8,834 votes.


In the first round, Moirangthem Hemanta of INC was leading with 5282 votes, followed by Paonam Brojen - BJP - 4607 and Sarangthem Manaobi of Independent  with 76 votes.


Third Round - BJP leads by 2799 votes as its candidate Ngamthang Haokip got 6998 votes against INC candidate Lamtinthang Haokip's 4199 cumulative votes

Second Round - BJP's Ngamthang Haokip leads with 4311 votes against Lamtinthang Haokip of INC who got 2715 votes

In Saitu AC, BJP candidate Ngamthang Haokip was leading in the first round with 2799 and INC candidate Lamtinthang Haokip 969 votes

On Monday, the Manipur Pradesh Youth Congress Committee organised a rally at Kangpokpi HQ, demanding re-poll at Saitu assembly constituency, alleging the supporters of Saitu INC candidate Lamtinthang Haokip was prevented from voting on November 7.


Congress supporters rally for re-poll at Saitu

INC candidate, MPCC demand re-poll in various polling stations of Saitu AC

INC candidate’s wife allegedly barred from voting at Saitu AC in Kangpokpi

Manipur By-elections 2020 peaceful, 92.54 pc voters turned out despite COVID-19 fear



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