Kangpokpi set for Saitu by-elections, polling personnel dispersed
Of the 70 polling stations, 17 polling stations are identified as critical.

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Updated on 6 Nov 2020, 5:32 pm

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With a few hours left for the by-election at 51-Saitu assembly constituency, all necessary requirements have been set as polling personnel were dispersed from DEO/DC office, Kangpokpi on Friday.

Around 525 polling personnel were dispersed with approximately 113 vehicles to monitor the voting in 70 polling stations where there are 40,257 eligible voters out of which 19,755 are male voters and 20,498 are female voters apart from four other voters.

Of the 70 polling stations, 17 polling stations are identified as critical and seven polling stations are identified as vulnerable while the remaining 46 polling stations are identified as normal.

The identified critical polling stations are 51/13 L Simol, 51/14 Saitu, 51/18 Motbung (A), 51/19 Motbung (B), 51/21 Motbung (D), 51/24 Pangmol(B), 51/27 Charhajare(B), 51/30 Phailengkot, 51/31 Khengjang(A), 51/32 Khengjang(B), 51/38 Leimakhong Mission, 51/39 Kangchup, 51/43 Ireng, 51/44 Longa Koireng, 51/49 Veitum Khullen, 51/53 Tingkai Khullen, 51/63 Makhan(A) while 51/3 Mayangkhang, 51/7 Songpehjang, 51/11 Saparmeina(A), 51/28 Charhajare(C), 51/41 Haraothel, 51/59 Langka and 51/60 Samuk polling stations were identified as vulnerable.

The dispersal of polling personnel today at DEO/DC office complex was executed by ARO/SDO of Bungte Chiru, N Johnson Meetei, SDO of Kangchup Geljang, T Opendro Singh, AC to DC, Y Sher Singh, SDO of Champhai James Pani and election officer of T Waichong and Chungsai Khongsai, who were assigned duty as dispersal of EVMs, dispatching of polling personnel, reserve polling personnel at Multi-Purpose Hall, issuing of POL and issuing of meal coupon under the supervision of DEO/DC of Kangpokpi, Somorjit Salam.

The 70 polling stations of the assembly constituency were divided into 12 sectors where the DEO/DC of Kangpokpi appointed one sector officer/sector magistrates and one sector police officers for each sector apart from appointing 21 micro observers.

Three Flying Squad Team (FST) and another three Static Surveillance Team (SST) were also formed apart from expenditure monitoring cell, video surveillance team, video viewing team, accounting team, complaint monitoring and call centre, medical team, media, information in-charge and others.

First published:6 Nov 2020, 5:32 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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