India's COVID-19 death toll crosses 1,20,000

COVID-19 claimed 508 lives countrywide in last 24 hours, as per latest updates.

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Updated 28 Oct 2020, 6:53 am

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After a descending frenzy, India's COVID-19 death toll is back on its feet as it claims 508 lives on Tuesday. The total death toll of the country has reached 1,20,010.

As many as 43,893 new cases were confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus in the past 24 hours which has brought the cumulative number to 79,90,322, nearly 80 lakhs.

The recovery rate of the country is still on the rise as 58,439 persons were discharged on Tuesday which accounts for the 90.85 per cent recovery rate. The cumulative number of persons recovered in India is 72,59,509.

The cumulative number of active cases of the country is 6,10,803. In the past 24, 10,66,786 samples were tested.


Maharashtra still remains the worst-hit state in India with a total case of 16,54,028 with 5,363 new cases on Tuesday, 1,32,069 active cases, 14,78,496 recovered cases, 43,463 deaths and a recovery rate of 89.39 per cent.

Meanwhile, Lakshadweep and Mizoram have not reported any fatalities due to this infectious disease.

The government on the other hand has also announced "Unlock 5 guidelines" which will be enforced till November 30.



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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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