Film on boxer Sarita Devi bags best film for Woman Outstanding Achievement Award
Tagore International Film Festival: The film, 'I Rise' was directed by national award winning filmmaker Borun Thokchom

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Updated on 27 Oct 2020, 2:55 am

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A 52-minute documentary film 'I Rise' based on the life of ace boxer Laishram Sarita Devi has won “Best film on Woman, Outstanding Achievement Award” in the 10th seasons of the Tagore International Film Festival, (TIFF) held in West Bengal.

The film was directed and cinematograph by national award winning filmmaker Borun Thokchom and is produced by Films Division Mumbai. The film has already won best film on sports and best audiography at the 13th Manipur State Film Awards 2020 and the film is now being screened at different documentary film festivals circuit.

Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF) is a monthly live screening international event and each month world film industry specialists announce 20 officially selected films in each category and out of them one film receives the best of category award. 

“This is the story of the conflict between a mother and a change maker. The story elaborates on the predicament, where Sarita navigates between her mission and her relationship with her beloved son Tomthil”, said Borun Thokchom.

Born into a poor family, Laishram Sarita Devi, a mother, a woman Pugilist, spared no effort to become a celebrated sports star of International fame. She came to limelight as the first Indian professional woman boxer after she became a mother. Despite her fame and glory, she is passionate about empowering people who are marginalized and runs an Academy that trains and encourages destitute children to create an identity through Boxing.


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