There is no separate ancestral land for a community, let’s live together: Sanajaoba

77th year of Azad Hind government formation held on Wednesday.

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Updated 21 Oct 2020, 4:21 pm

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Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism (IC), Prahlad Singh Patel attended the Commemoration of 'the 77th Year of Formation of Azad Hind Government' through a webinar held at UNACCO campus, Khongman Moirang Pandit Leikai on Wednesday.

The Culture Minister congratulated the nation on the proud occasion of 77th anniversary of formation of Azad Hind Government. He expressed pleasure at observing the anniversary commemoration of the proclamation of Arzi Hukumat-E-Azad Hind in Manipur.

Speaking at the commemoration function, Rayja Sabha MP of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba said that the political movement of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose for India’s freedom under the colonial rule was not easy and he took support from other countries to get freedom from the British colonial rule.  


“There are 6,000 fighters who actually fought for freedom of India but their names are not there at the INA India Gate and are not recognised. Names of those fighters should also be marked at the gate and also at the war cemetery,” he stated.

While saying that many foreigners especially Japanese are attracted to historic places, the MP said that people visit Manipur to commemorate their forefathers who died in war. “So, if a war cemetery in Manipur could be able to mark names of those fighters, then many foreigners will come and it will help in income generation,” he added.

Speaking on the sidelines of the programme, Sanajaoba appealed to the people not to create another history of Manipur.

“There is no separate ancestral land of a community, let's live together,” said Sanajaoba.


Noting that the state is beautifully bound with different communities, he said that there will be no peace if each community demands for their separate land. “Manipur has its own history, do not create another history,” he reiterated.

The titular king maintained that this year’s Mera Hou Chongba will be celebrated at Kangla in the morning in a quiet manner.

The 77th anniversary commemoration was organised by the Azad Hind Fauj, Imphal Front.

In connection with the anniversary commemoration, a presentation on “An overview on Manipur’s contribution in India’s struggle for freedom from Azad Hind Fauj perspective” by Y Modhu, principal, Advance Intermediate College, Moirang and “Chalo Delhi! Azad Hind Fauj in the battle of Imphal, 1944 by Arambam Angamba, co-convenor Azad Hind Fauj Imphal Front were also presented.


First published:21 Oct 2020, 3:01 pm


Leishemba Sanajaobaazad hindPrahlad Singh Patel

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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