Kalakshetra Manipur mourns passing away of Khwairakpam Ushakanta

The theatre group secretary died of cardiac arrest in Imphal early Thursday morning, sources close to him said.

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Updated on 4 Jun 2020, 8:01 am

(Representational Image-Rahul-Pexels)

(Representational Image-Rahul-Pexels)

Kalakshetra Manipur theatre group secretary Khwairakpam Ushakanta passed away in Imphal on Thursday morning following a cardiac arrest. He was 59.

On learning the news, Kalakshetra Manipur mourned the untimely demise of Khwairakpam Ushakanta, who was associated with the group for 30 long years and served as the group secretary, the theatre group said in a release on Thursday.

Ushakanta breathed his last early Thursday morning at the premises of the theatre group, Langol Laimanai, Imphal West, the release stated.

The group said a condolence meeting led by Kalakshetra Manipur guru Heisnam Sabitri, director Heisnam Tomba and senior artistes along with the family members was held in the morning.

A two-minute silent condolence was offered, followed by floral tribute.

Ksh Ushakanta joined the theatre group in the year 1989, and sought permission from the then guru Heisnam Kanhailal to offer his voluntary service of looking after the daily affairs and functioning of the group. Since then, he had served the theatre group with utmost dedication and sacrificial spirit as the organizational secretary. 

Kalakshetra Manipur guru, Heisnam Sabitri lamenting the untimely demise of the secretary, said the void left by him in the group will be hard to be filled. His loving and giving nature and his warm persona had made him an indomitable member of the group.

Ushakanta hailed from Yumnam Leikai Chingamathak, Imphal West. He remained single and dedicated his time and energy for the welafre of the theatre organisation during his long assocition with it.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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