UBI customers of Jiribam face hardship due to ineffective bank functioning
The public have urged the authority concerned to open a new branch of the State Bank of India in Jiribam town..

ByJiribam Correspondent

Updated on 20 Oct 2020, 3:54 am

Jiribam town (File photo: IFP)

Jiribam town (File photo: IFP)

Customers of the United Bank of India (UBI), Jiribam Branch have urged the authority concerned to open a new branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) in the district as they are facing hardships due to insufficient bank staff and unserviceable UBI ATM booth.

“As there is no proper financial institution in Jiribam, the district is deprived of every facility in terms of money transactions. People from neighbouring state Assam, who are from Jirighat, Cachar and from other districts of the state like Tamenglong, Churachandpur and Pherzwal are also dependent on the only UBI in the district. Amidst the crucial days of COVID-19, the customers have to take risks among the crowd by standing in a long queue for almost two hours,” said the public of Jiribam.

One Yumkhaibam Binoy from Kalinagar Part 2 said that initially, UBI used to have eight staff but now only three staff are working under one deputy manager. The situation right now has created various issues among the customers and bank staff, he added.

Concerning the matter, former secretary of Jiribam BJP Mandal, Paonam Prem Meitei has appealed to the authority concerned to look into the grievances of the people and sort out the bank issue in the district at the earliest.

First published:20 Oct 2020, 3:54 am


Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam district, Manipur

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