P Muolding village clarifies on vandalising Kounu Lairembi temple

It is high time for the people to find out the truth and resolve to maintain peace and fraternity in the land.

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Updated 13 Oct 2020, 2:22 am

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Secretary of P Muolding village has clarified that the incident that took place on October 4 between the minors of Chingmang Meitei and P. Muolding village was just a trivial misunderstanding between the two groups during a football match in P Muolding playground.

“However the impact has almost turned disastrous because of certain irresponsible citizens twisting the tale with vested interests and communal tone and circulating them on various social media platforms,” said a release issued by the secretary. 

The release asserted that it is high time for the people to find out the truth and resolve to maintain peace and fraternity in the land.

It claimed that on the pretext of consolidating already settled terms, some of the Chingmang youths summoned two representatives of the other group, took them to a quieter place near Keystone Higher Secondary School and had them thrashed severely.


The event turned violent with the gradual involvement of several people from both the two communities, it added.

It asserted that negotiation was initiated on the very same night at Chingmang community hall in presence of the 2nd OC of Sekmai police, local authorities of both parties, family members and other stakeholders. The meeting unfortunately failed to yield productive result as the Chingmang authorities refused to produce the true culprits to sign the necessary papers, added the secretary.

“A second round of turmoil erupted when Bijaya, wife of Brojen of Chingmang laid hands on Chinneilhing Chongloi of P Muolding when the former had no evidence to support her claim of being injured. Moreover, some Chingmang youngsters standing beside the hall co-operated and assisted Bijaya in the move,” it claimed.

“This was followed by stone pelting and catapulting with the Chingmang community taking position in the community hall and in the adjacent Ima Kounu Lairenbi Temple while the group of P. Muolding on the road above the temple,” it continued.


It maintained that news items published in several newspapers relating to vandalisation of the said Ima Kounu Lairenbi Temple was a mere fabrication to evoke communal tension and violence.

“Had we had this dirty intention in our mind, the Ingourok Mahadev Temple which stands for more than a decade, would have been an issue of controversy every now and then,” it added. 

Saying that the matter was just a mere misunderstanding of some underage youths, it expressed condemnations over the indefinite general strike from October 14 called by a civil body relating to this inciden


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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