Timely community participation helps fight Coronavirus threat in Manipur’s Kangpokpi

Deeply embedded sense of community participation among the residents of Kangpokpi town in Manipur has been helping to ward off the spread of Coronavirus in the district

ByKaybie Chongloi

Updated 21 May 2020, 8:45 am

Qurantine tents house returnees to Kangpokpi, Manipur from other states (PHOTO: IFP)
Qurantine tents house returnees to Kangpokpi, Manipur from other states (PHOTO: IFP)

Deeply embedded sense of community participation among the residents of Kangpokpi town in Manipur has been helping to ward off the spread of Coronavirus in the district. The people have been lending help to frontline workers and hundreds of returnees through community services.

involvement of churches

The apex body of the Christian community at Kangpokpi district headquarters, Kangpokpi Town Churches Fellowship (KTCF) through the contribution of all churches within the town donated Rs 1 lakh to the Kangpokpi Town Committee for the community quarantine centres within the district Headquarters.

The KTCF had hand over the amount at KTC office on Sunday in the hands of KTC vice chairman and in-charge chairman, Angam Leivon. The KTC chairman voluntarily surrendered to be under surveillance at one of the community quarantine centre when he returned from Arunachal Pradesh.

One quarantine centre set up under the KTC with a capacity of 25 people was inaugurated by KTCF vice chairman Reverend Thangboi David, and it was filled up completely on Sunday. KTC has decided to open another quarantine centre at Kangpokpi Government High School and more CQC if required.

Yeoman service by women and volunteers in Kangpokpi

The Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organisation (KWWO) and Kangpokpi Youth Union (KYU) under the supervision of Kangpokpi Town Committee has been helping the district administration, district police and health workers since the initial stage of the fight against the pandemic COVID-19.


KWWO and KYU are now engaged in serving food to the returnees for free under the initiative of COVID-19 Emergency Food Kiosk sponsored by ADC Sadar Hills. The volunteers of KWWO and KYU sometime had to remain whole night waiting for the returnees.

The KYU volunteers also helped the district police in maintaining law and order in the district headquarters while assisting the magistrate officials, police and health officials.

One Deepak Thapa and his wife Anita Thapa today distributed water package and snacks to the truck drivers ferrying essential commodities for the people of the state. They also distributed them to the hospitals, police and officials on duty at Brig M Thomas Ground.

Deepak, father of three children, was also a truck driver before jumping into business sector. They lived in Ward No IX Kangpokpi district headquarters. Considering the various untold misery of the drivers, he and his wife decided to help the drivers today.

The distribution was joined by auto driver Ch James Singh and his friends apart from the district police. They distributed the materials at the Kangpokpi police station. Another resident, Mamang Kipgen, owner of A3 Restaurant at district headquarters prepared momos for the district headquarters community quarantine centre on Sunday.

Social work by men in uniform

Meanwhile, early Sunday morning a police team led by officer-in-charge of Kangpokpi Police Station inspector Khogen picked up litters and trash at the arrival point. The litters mainly from the arriving returnees were something which no one would dare to touch. However, the police officer by wearing PPE entered the ground along with few of his boys and cleaned up all the litters.

Administration issues strict Rules to prevent COVID-19 spread


The deputy magistrate/DC Kangpokpi closed all shops within the district headquarters from Sunday till May 21 for ensuring safety of the people. Vehicles were allowed only with permit from the town district magistrate and deputy commissioner.

The district magistrate-DC Kangpokpi, Lalithambigai Kalidas had also issued protocol of community quarantine centre on Sunday to be followed strictly. All inmates have to strictly confine to their respective camp/building. No food waste or other materials to be disposed of only in dustbins. They shall also take turns lo clean their respective rooms as and when required.

Toilets and bathrooms shall be maintained and cleaned by inmates themselves and shall mandatorily make rosters to be followed by them. No outside medicine to be brought in except with the approval of CMO/MO of the District Hospital. No properties to be taken away at the time of leaving the Quarantine Centres except for those that are brought by the inmates. Proper social distancing should be maintained and if any inmates want counseling, they can contact District Control Room.

Volunteers of Community Quarantine Centre should compulsorily wear mask, hand-gloves and apply sanitizers which will be supplied by the concerned sub-divisional officers. They should not enter community quarantine perimeter unnecessarily without permission of medical officer-in-charge. They are to follow strict discipline and be role model for any visitors/ parents/relatives of the inmates and the inmates themselves.

Concerning the arrival of stranded people even from the Red Zone area and under surveillance at the institutional quarantine centres within the district headquarters, Kangpokpi local bodies under the aegis of Kangpokpi Town Committee in a joint meeting prepared local protocol to be strictly followed by the denizens of Kangpokpi district headquarters.

Any form of gathering except funeral ceremony is strictly restricted in the town. Only plastic chair to be sued in the funeral ceremony which shall be at least one meter distance and the capacity should not exceed 100. Burial ceremony shall conduct in the day itself.

All shops in the entire Kangpokpi district headquarters including salon, beauty parlor, tea hotel, etc. shall be closed till further order. Loitering out is strictly prohibited, everyone should stay at home. In case of emergency, mask is mandatory. Vehicular movement, including auto rickshaw, is strictly restricted. Crowding at petrol pump is not allowed.

Each volunteer in each ward should ensure unnecessary loitering of the people, vehicular movement and the mandatory mask in their respective ward. Residents of Kangpokpi district headquarters staying outside and willing to come home should first inform their respective ward chairman before applying the official application.


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Kaybie Chongloi

Kaybie Chongloi

IFP Correspondent, KANGPOKPI


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