‘Hope of blessing in disguise from Coronavirus pandemic’
On the occasion of 10th Progressive Day, PREPAK (Progressive) chairman L Paliba observed that people who had been “facing food scarcity” were unable to maintain guidelines of social distancing like covering their mouths.

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Updated on 1 Jun 2020, 10:10 am

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Appreciating those who are in the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, the chairman of the proscribed PREPAK (Progressive) L Paliba has said in a release that the novel coronavirus has “broken down the deep-rooted norms of every society”.

Reminding the state the importance of food and health across the globe on the occasion of 10th Progressive Day, the chairman observed that people who had been “facing food scarcity” were unable to maintain guidelines of social distancing like covering their mouths.

Pointing out that the Chinese Government had taken “timely precautionary measures” which have been appreciated by many countries, PREPAK (Pro) chairman said in Chinese, “Weiji” means crisis. “Wei” means danger, Ji means opportunity” and the same could be expressed in some ways in Kanglei language as the “burden and opportunity” just like two sides of a coin.

He said the burdens have fallen on the daily wage earners and oppressed classes while the opportunities from this pandemic are “seized by the rich people, businessmen and elite groups”.

The chairman also exuded hope that administrators and social scientists will be able to chalk out a far-sighted precaution and able to find ways of producing more food items as blessing in disguise from the ongoing pandemic.

“But there is an obvious question, how far the leaders of a colonized nation could implement independently the competent policies,” the chairman said.

Accusing the central government of misusing “politics and wisdom towards the common people just like mistreating the prisoners in the jail at will while dealing with many political issues and the pandemic, the out said, “Within just four hours’ notice, the lockdown started at midnight which panicked citizens, demonetizing the Rs.500/1000 banknotes instantly victimized ordinary people, abrogation of Article 370 which identifies quasi federalism, such arbitrary actions expose that Indian rulers are authoritarians.”

The chairman said that the government of India “boldly announced” that there would not be any new Covid-19 cases in the country by May 16. He also criticized the “adoption of dramatic and superstitious action” to face the pandemic.

“People were made to believe that shouting and clanging sounds emitted positive energy to drive out the virus. They were also made to believe that Mr. Modi was creating Energy Medicine”, said the release.

In spite of prolonged lockdown, the measures could not contain the growing cases.

“Nothing short of realistic advice has come out from this government by utilizing experts and scientific community. Referring to the books and mythology of Vedic periods, these ruling elites could express themselves openly as many diseases were cured by cow’s dungs and urine, aeroplanes were once invented, plastic surgery was already known, test-tube babies were born in ancient India. How would these unscientifically tempered leaders face the ongoing pandemic?” asked the chairman.

The chairman also said that the sudden announcement of lockdown has impacted many workers and students. They have been returning to their home states at their own risk by walking long distance. “Such callous natures of every state government have exposed the disintegrated nature of the Union of India. This reminds the discontented calls of Indian ‘Je Rakshak Se Bhakshak’ which means ‘Our protector is also our devourer’ which was voiced against the British created puppet Indian officials and zamindars during the post Sepoy Mutiny (1857).

The present leaders in India give more support to richer classes while the poor are exploited and they are awaiting complete obliteration of North East Indigenous people, for allowing big companies to explore natural resources, alleged the proscribed PREPAK (Pro) in a message released on the occasion of its 10th Progressive Day.

The chairman of the group in the message alleged that mainland Indians unknowingly felt that Chinese are the spreader of this coronavirus and similarly, students and workers from Northeast India are despised as Chinese by treating them inhumanly. “These offensive actions have shown that the Mongoloid communities from this region are no more Indian. People from this region have a chance to step up a strong stand against this, thanks to their frequent mistreatments. British had projected the creation of India on basis of old Hindu books and mythology to enable their colonial expansion and exploration of unlimited natural resources”, said the chairman of PREPAK (Pro).

The PREPAK (Pro) said that not a single word “India” or its related name could be found in old books of Kangleipak. “So, it is a conflict between the British gifted India and two thousand plus years old historical gifted Kangleipak, it cannot integrate, but it can be developed as two nations separately”, claimed the group.

The chairman stated the words of Parvez Hoodbhoy and A.H. Nayyar “the permanent militarization of society requires a permanent enemy” is clearly followed by India and pointed out that “extremely Hindunised voluntary organizations such as RSS, VHP, Durga Vahini and Bajrang Dal are given extra power”. He also reminded that that the RSS’s chief who had reportedly stated that members of RSS and Indian communities should be trained in handling arms by Indian Army. These so-called voluntary organizations are closely allied with the current ruling party. They frequently mistreated those who are not in Hindu domain, and the untouchable classes, said PREPAK (Pro chairman).

“The intermixing of Hindu Nationalism and Indian Nationalism is designed to categorize communities as anti-Indian to those who are different from majority Hindu Indian vis-à-vis colours, clothing, religious faiths, and traditions. Such indoctrination of false consciousness is against the ideal of ‘Unity in Diversity’” alleged the chairman.

The release stated that during the Kargil War 1999 many people from the media fraternity, celebrities including films stars, sportspersons and intellectuals were seen “jingoistic” and they had suffered too from nightmares followed closely by terrifying dreams. Most of Indian TV stations during Pulwama and Doklam incidents looked like military installations, which exclusively broadcast the war hysteria to heighten the hot pursuits. “Instead of broadcasting the fact news, tactical and war strategies were freely discussed to prolong the tension and even to declare a big war”, alleged the chairman.

The current government has militarized not only the people but also their pet media. “Media are made to cook up misleading perception of enemies with an aim to have lengthy discussion for aggressive revenge. Skirmishes at border lines are taken as a boon to precipitate the false patriotism but not by good governance” said PREPAK (Pro).

Under the guiding principles of Neo-Vedanta of late 19 century, the foundation of the religious theory of Hindu Nationalism was advocated by then spiritual nationalists. Later, the Indian nationalism now so-called Hindu nationalism was shaped under the strong influence of Germany’s Nazism, Italian Fascism, and noble class’s democratic values of western countries, said PREPAK (Pro).

It is obvious that “Indian Nationalism is like the plastic by-products” which can be moulded for any design. There is a saying “Politics are the plastic art of the State”. Similarly, Indian nationalism is both an art of Electoral Politics and Hindu Expansionism. The word “Hindu” has been redefined as the esteemed value of spiritual truth in relation to culture not as religion. This is illusory definition to cover up the hidden political agenda, alleged PREPAK (Pro).

The chairman continued that according to this redefinition, whoever lives in the Indian sub-continent, he or she may be a follower of Buddhism, Christian, Islam, Sikhism, and cultism, are all set to be in Hindu domain. Despite this, many swami and spiritualists also insisted India as ‘a land of ultimate truth seeker’.

“Could anyone write ‘Truth-seeker’ for the Religion Space while filling a form? Thinking on this line, it is not wrong to justify that our Party does not recognize India as a political nation or country but perceive it as cultural India” stated the chairman.


First published:1 Jun 2020, 9:28 am


IFP Bureau

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