‘State government should upgrade forensic science laboratory’

While the number of crimes is increasing, many cases remain pending due to delay in forensic science lab report, Manipur Alliance for Child Rights member Keisam Pradip Kumar said.

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Updated on 16 Sep 2020, 2:46 am

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The Manipur government should upgrade forensic science laboratory as the number of crimes is increasing while many cases remain pending due to delay in forensic science lab report, Manipur Alliance for Child Rights member Keisam Pradip Kumar said on Tuesday.

Pradip was speaking during the 4th reading cum discussion session on ‘Crime against women in Manipur with special reference to the Mayang Imphal Thambalnu case’ held at Mayang Imphal Bengoon community hall and organised by Young Mind Collective.

Expressing concern over the picture of the minor girl victim going viral in social media, Pradip stated that campaign or protest for justice may be held without identifying the minor victim.

“It is now time for all concerned to take up necessary steps for speedy justice. All the accused have been arrested, investigation of the case can be speed up. The charge sheet could be submitted within 15 days without any delay,” he opined. He also urged the people to show solidarity in order to ensure speedy justice.

Stressing on the importance of education, Islam scholar, Mufti Atau Rahman said that Islam is not against female education and added that it allows female education. He also said that the ‘purdah system’ of Islam that covers the body is for protection of herself or himself.

Mufti Atau Rahman further said that slogan of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ remained as a mere slogan as no benefits have been reaped from raising the slogan.

While noting that crimes against women are on the rise, he maintained that it is high time for the general public to work together with coordination in order to ensure that justice, in connection with any crimes, is delivered.

Social activist, Najima Begum said women in Islam are kept with respect and regard while it is society and social reforms that blemishes women. “If each and every single individual of Islam follows what exactly Islam religion says to follow, then there will be no issues of gender, crimes among others. To prevent and protect from any crime, every single individual of family is important,” she said and urged not to differentiate between boys and girls but to give same advice to them.

People should support each other and work together in order to uplift the society, she added.

Advocate, High Court of Manipur, Md Ajmal Hussain shared views regarding taking up legal action in various crimes.
Human rights activist, Muhammad Ali observed that the programme will promote the rights, dignity and values of women for establishing a peaceful and harmonic society in the future.

YMC also mounted pressure on the competent authority to deliver justice for the Mayang Imphal gangrape incident at the earliest and demanded immediate action to prevent recurrence of such crimes in the future.

Filmmaker Sonia Nepram; assistant professor, Psychology department, RIMS, Pampak Khumukcham; PhD scholar, JNU, Ph Azad Babu among others also shared their views during the programme.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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