WSPD 2020: Public in Tamenglong urged to approach district mental health team on related issues
Tamenglong District Hospital in Manipur held World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 with the theme "Working Together to Prevent Suicide" on September 10.

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Joining the entire world in the observance of World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 with the theme "Working Together to Prevent Suicide", Tamenglong District Hospital at Duigailong in Manipur held the event and stressed upon the need for the public to come forward on any mental health issues and seek the help of the mental health team in the district.

The event in Tamenglong, organised by the District Mental Health team under Dr Kh Aashif, district nodal officer, NMHP Tamenglong, was held under the chairmanship of Dr Chambo Gonmei, CMO, DMD, Tamenglong on Thursday.

Nehemiah Panmei, director TAMBAC, addressed the function as chief guest and spoke on the increasing rate of suicidal death in the present world. He said that Church plays an important role in providing awareness to the youth.

Highlighting the present situation in the district and the difficulties in distribution of the services regarding mental health, Dr Chambo Gonmei pointed out that incidence of suicide and suicidal tendency are common among drug users and urged the public to approach the mental health team or any health workers, doctors, nurses, voluntary organisations on any mental health issues and problems.

“The youth ranging from age 15 to 29 years are the most common group committing suicides due to mental illness like depression leading to internal conflict, family misunderstanding like financial matters, unwanted marriage, failures in exams and in getting jobs,” Dr Chambo Gonmei said.

Dr G Majachunglu, DACO, District Hospital, Tamenglong and Dr Sunil Kamei, DIO, Tamenglong, who were present as guests of honour, also spoke on the occasion.

Dr Sunil Kamei spoke on the possible scenarios leading to the attempt of suicide. “Human relationships and their moral characters and traits are important in assessing the tendency to commit suicide. Parents should bring up the children in a proper way by teaching them to live a righteous life,” he said.

“We should not outcaste any person with mental disabilities or mental illness. More than 8 lakhs people die due to suicides in a year and nearly 3000 every day. More than 1.6 crore attempts suicide in a year. One person commit suicide every 40 seconds,” Dr G Majachunglu said.

Dr Aashif urged all the ANMs, ASHAs,and Anganwadi workers to help the district mental health team in organising any mental awareness programmes in the villages, and to speak personally to the family members who are suffering from mental illness like depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder etc. and lead them to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist and gave out the helpline numbers of the state mental health mission.


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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