CM Biren kicks off MLA Paonam Brojen’s election campaign

Brojen will be contesting by-election from Wangjing-Tentha Assembly constituency

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated 10 Sept 2020, 3:52 am

CM Biren with MLA Paonam Brojen (L)
CM Biren with MLA Paonam Brojen (L)

The election campaign of the intending BJP candidate of Wangjing-Tentha assembly constituency Paonam Brojen, who will be contesting the upcoming by-election, was launched by chief minister N Biren on Wednesday. The by-election of five assembly constituencies of the 13 vacant seats is likely to be held in November.

Chief Minister N Biren lauded the former six MLAs who resigned from the state Congress party and the congress MLA of Sagolband assembly constituency by calling them true leaders who can make bold sacrifices for the people.

“They are the ones who truly care for the citizens and true leaders, he said while adding that such sacrifices have never been made in the political history of Manipur”, he said.

Expressing his confidence that the former MLAs will always be successful in their endeavours, the CM said the MLAs resigned as they have the trust from the public. He urged the people to choose the former MLAs as their representatives while stressing that a deeply rooted government must be established. Only such a government can take efforts towards bringing progress, he said. Under a strong government, there would be no obstacles to turn the aspirations of the people into reality, he added.

The present government is a coalition of BJP, NPP, NPF, Trinamool Congress, LJP, Independent, he said.


“At times, differences arise within those running the government. At the crucial moment when the Biren led BJP government was facing the possibilities of falling apart, their decision to give up their posts to save the government was something rare. This shows they truly care for the people instead of their posts,” the CM added.

Dwelling into Wangkhei MLA O Henry, N Biren Singh said that it was Henry who gave his full support to the government during the time when both internal and external forces were attempting to make BJP candidate Leishemba Sanajaoba lose the rajya sabha election.

Denouncing mud-slinging and groupism in politics, N Biren said the goal of the ruling party is to bring relief to the needy, give them shelter and deliver each household a source of income. It seeks to give them health and food security.

To deliver these targets, ‘Chief Minister gi Haksel gi Tengbang (CMHT) cards’ was launched in which people can receive free treatment under the cost of Rs 2 lakh, he said.  Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ayshman Bharat, treatments under the cost of Rs 5 lakh are also given for free, he mentioned. Above these, the government is trying to launch more schemes.

“With the Centre’s approval, the ILP system is now implemented in the state. Our lands cannot be purchased by outsiders. This will enable us to protect our integrity. BJP cares for the people of this state,” he said.

While maintaining that divisive politics must be done away with, Biren pointed out that with the arrival of the BJP government, there are no longer any bandhs and blockades.


Recently, foundations were laid for several minor irrigation projects with the target to make agricultural produce available year round and make the state become independent in terms of food. Many start up schemes were launched as well, he added.

Biren urged the youths to apply for the start-ups while assuring that they will be provided with loans. He mentioned that around 800 women vendors were provided loans. Additional of 1,200 people will be further provided, he said.    
To the people of Wangjing-Tentha assembly constituency, he said that a Khongjom market will be constructed soon. The IVR road connecting Khongjom to Tekcham will be repaired, he said. There will be deliberations to clean up the Khongjom River, he said.

The chief minister also remarked that Wangjing Tentha assembly constituency is fully determined to be a COVID-19 free zone and praised the people.

Intending candidate Paonam Brojen said, “Former chief minister O Ibobi turns out to be someone who knows how to drive a vehicle but cannot repair it.” While appealing to the public to extend support he asserted that he resigned so that he can work for the betterment of the assembly constituency.

The occasion was attended by MLA Keirao assembly constituency, L Rameshwor, MLA Konthoujam assembly constituency Sapam Ranjan and leaders of BJP Thoubal district.


First published:10 Sept 2020, 3:36 am


CM BirenMLA Paonam BrojenWangjing-Tentha

Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur


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