MPSC assures fair, transparent MCSCC main examination

The MPSC assured that it would not rest till it ensures fairness in all examinations and fulfill all responsibilities entrusted to the commission.

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Updated 26 Aug 2020, 7:32 pm

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The Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) has assured the public and the candidates, who are to appear in the Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive Exam (MCSCC main) examination 2016, to be held afresh that it will be conducting a fair and transparent examination.

The commission also assured that it will not allow the results to be influenced by any other factor other than their merit. The MPSC assured that it would not rest till it ensures fairness in all examinations and fulfill all responsibilities entrusted to the commission.

A release issued by the secretary of MPSC, Ng Roben Singh stated the decision of the commission  to hold MCSCC (main) examination 2016 afresh has been misunderstood by a very few sections, which is unfortunate. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on conducting examinations by MPSC for sometime but the commission is also aware that the MCSCC (main) examination 2016 has to be conducted afresh at the earliest in order to avoid legal complications, it stated.

The release stated that the MCSCC (Main) examination 2016 should not be the sole yardstick to judge the commission’s ability to conduct examinations. The very fact that MPSC has successfully conducted a number of examinations since 2016 with no major turbulence including examinations for recruitment of medical officers, dental surgeons, engineers, etc for the state proves by itself the ability and competency of the MPSC in conducting recruitment examinations for the state, it stated.

The release added that a meeting held on August 14 deliberated and took a conscious decision on holding the examination on October- November, 2020 to avoid legal complications and also in the interest of the state and the aspirants.


The decision of the meeting was also notified in print and electronic media for public awareness. Considering how other public bodies are conducting examinations in the COVID-19 environment, the commission also adopted applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for COVID-19 prevention as part of protocols to be observed while conducting examinations, it stated.

It stated that incorporating all the directives of the High Court, MPSC has taken up measures to improve fairness and transparency. New technologies like On-Screen Evaluation System, Bar Coding of Answer Papers etc are now added for future examinations, it added.

The commission also has a controller of examinations and joint controller of examinations from MCS cadre who are working solely on conduct of examinations and examination related reforms, it stated.

The release stated, “We will not stop till total fairness is ensured in all our actions including recruitment examinations. MPSC will ensure fairness and level the playing field for every candidate in all recruitments”.

The commission will keep its promise for total fairness by using all available modern tools, it added.


The release informed that the MPSC (Main) examination 2016 has been quashed by the High Court of Manipur vide its order dated August 18 2019 in W.A No. of 2017 with the direction to the MPSC to conduct the said examination afresh.

CBI was directed to investigate into the conduct of the MSCC examination, 2016, it stated adding MPSC had filed a Special Leave Petition to the Supreme Court challenging the said order. However, the Supreme Court declined to grant relief to MPSC and had directed MPSC to hold the main examination as early as possible implying that the examination is only for those 1,130 candidates who were selected in the MCSCC (preliminary) examination, 2016. The commission is also aware that nine months have lapsed since the Supreme Court order, the release stated.

It stated that the CBI has started their enquiry with seizures of required documents and materials from MPSC with active cooperation of MPCS officers and staff. CBI enquiry is still on but the Supreme Court order has delinked the holding of examination from the enquiry, it added.

MPSC has been trying to finalize the scheme of examination and syllabus with the state government which culminated on May 28 with the state government informing MPSC to continue with the previous scheme and syllabus, it stated.

The National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Entrance Examination 2020 will be conducted on September 6 2020, added the release.


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