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Meghalaya waiting on Centre directives on board exams
The state government has prepared all the modalities that need to be done, the education minister said


Updated on 20 Aug 2020, 5:16 pm

Representational image (PHOTO: Pexels)

Representational image (PHOTO: Pexels)

Meghalaya Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui made it clear on Thursday that the state has to wait for directions from the Union government concerning the board exams to be held in the state.

“We will take a decision as and when the time comes. I will have to wait for the direction of the Union Government,” said Rymbui while replying to a query on how the government is looking to help students who will be appearing for the board exams.

He, however, said that the state government has prepared all the modalities and things that need to be done. Pointing out that the Centre had given directions to close all the educational institutions till August 31, Rymbui informed that the Central government is continuously and closely monitoring the situation.

“They will issue a notification and as and when the notification arrives, then only we will decide,” he said.

Asked whether the government is looking at the option of reopening schools from classes nine to 12, the Education Minister replied, “It is too premature to say anything now and like I said we have to wait for the decision of the Centre”.

It may be mentioned that the COVID situation in Meghalaya is getting worse, with authorities also looking at the chance of community transmission of the virus, at least in Shillong.

Although initiatives like online classes have been taken, concerns are being raised especially for students who will be appearing for the board exams.


First published:20 Aug 2020, 5:16 pm




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