SUNDAY MUSING: Too Soon to Say

'Will the arc of our story like the rainbow bend... Back on the intended road to sorrow’s end...'

ByAaron Pamei

Updated 16 Aug 2020, 11:57 am

Representational image (PHOTO: Pexels)
Representational image (PHOTO: Pexels)


On tiptoes you peer over your fence

Wondering if you’ll get your recompense

Summer’s come and so’s the monsoon rain

But we still don’t seem to have been forgiven.


Will the arc of our story like the rainbow bend

Back on the intended road to sorrow’s end

Only to resume the treacherous journey

Which has led us to this misery.



Thousands have died for a lousy buck

And saviours dragged through the muck

You ask if everything will be okay

All I can say is it’s too soon to say.


You’ve seen nature, in rebellion, rock and roll

You’ve seen its bad touch taken its toll

You wonder if this is a war we’ll never win

Methinks the battle’s not out there but deep within.



For too long we’ve lived like we owned it

Now it looks like we’ve finally lost it

Like a drunk lurching sideways in the alley

Like a slave galley floundering at high sea.


We once were set on star-borne destiny

Now we’re drowning on our knees

Is it time then to gather in the twos

Before the tightening up of screws.



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Aaron Pamei

Aaron Pamei

Director in Naval HQ in the Ministry of Defence, New Delhi. An Ultra-Marathoner. His poems mostly deal with social and human condition and have lyrical tinge to them due to strong musical influence.


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