‘No entry of non-locals in Thangmeiband areas’
The Thangmeiband club has appealed the people not to hire non-Manipuris for any kind of construction works

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Updated on 11 Aug 2020, 1:39 am

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The Thangmeiband United Club (TUC) has resolved not to allow entry of any non-Manipuris coming from other localities into the Thangmeiband constituency until the ongoing issue of COVID-19 pandemic is over.

The TUC stated in a release on Monday that the state government had taken up various measures to control COVID-19 in the state but the cases of the deadly virus are increasing relentlessly. The crucial situation has compelled the local club to take up various possible steps, it added.

It continued that as a precautionary measure to prevent from spreading of COVID-19 in the locality and in the state, the club has resolved not to allow entering of any non-local coming from other localities for any kind of purpose.

While appealing the people not to hire non-Manipuris for any kind of works like construction or pipe fitting, the release stated that to make the steps taken effective, there is a need of strong support from the locals of Thangmeiband, women organisations and all the clubs.

The cases of COVID-19 are worsening in the state and every citizen should be responsible enough by strictly maintaining the SOPs to save the people from the dreaded virus, said the release.

First published:11 Aug 2020, 1:39 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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