Manipur Combat COVID-19: How a doctor collapsed at JNIMS Covid Care facility

A video of a senior doctor of JNIMS collapsing on the floor of the Covid Care Ward went viral on Friday, raising much concern among the public about the COVID-19 scenario in the state.

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Updated 8 Aug 2020, 7:05 am

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A senior resident doctor collapsed at the Covid Care facility of the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences in Imphal on Friday, as seen in a video clip that went viral on social media. The incident raised serious concern among the public about the COVID-19 scenario in the state.

The viral video of the doctor in a PPE suit collapsing on the floor of the JNIMS Covid Care Ward surfaced a day after a video showing how hunger forced COVID-19 patients out of the Covid Care Ward of JNIMS went viral.

How did the doctor collapsed? What could be the main reason? Was it exhaustion or was it the PPE suit?


The doctor collapsed due to exhaustion after attending to many patients, a boy said to be a patient is heard saying in the video that went viral on Friday.

The video shows the doctor in a PPE suit collapsing on the floor of the hospital and is being helped by the patient who was speaking and informing about the incident.

The doctor in the video is identified as JNIMS resident doctor Th Uthan.

JNIMS medical superintendent Rajen, however, told reporters that doctors may become exhausted and faint due to wearing PPE for long hours but there are no other issues. The condition of Dr Uthan is now normal and is given precautionary measures, he added.


It was his last day of duty at COVID Care Centre and he will undergo quarantine for seven days, hospital sources said.

Several factors could have led to the collapse of the doctor as the COVID-19 scenario in the state is worsening, be it exhaustion or the PPE. The struggle is tough for all sectors of the society.

It may be mentioned that on Thursday several  COVID-19 patients confronted the hospital officials over poor food management for the patients. The video went viral in social media which drew a lot of flaks for the health administration. Following it, the hospital addressed their plight.

Speaking to Imphal Free Press, JNIMS superintendent, professor T Rajen informed that they have been facing shortage of vegetables, non-vegetarian food and other essentials due to the lockdown. However, a meeting was conducted in the evening with patients and an agreement was reached, he said.

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First published:8 Aug 2020, 3:06 am


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