COVID-19 Relief: Churches in Chandel, private sector in Churachandpur donate

Churches under Anal Naga Baptist Association (ANBA) donated Rs 50,000 to minister Letpao Haokip in Chandel

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Updated on 27 May 2020, 8:33 am

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As hundreds of community people stranded in other parts of the country returned home to their districts amid lockdown, several people and organisations, including churches, have been coming forward to help the administration. Churches under Anal Naga Baptist Association (ANBA) donated Rs 50,000 to minister Letpao Haokip at his residence in Chandel on Tuesday.

The donation was given as a gesture in recognition and gratitude for bringing stranded people of Chandel from various parts of the country, the ANBA said in a statement.

ANBA executive secretary Reverend Huten Wilson along with staffs met the minister at his residence in Chandel district and handed over the aid and said that they are mobilizing ANBA pastors not to stigmatize the returnees but to pray with them and encourage them through phone calls.

ANBA would also be contributing relief package to few selected areas, including western valley area, Chakpi area and Maha Area in the coming week, it added.

Meanwhile, in Churachandpur, 70 households of Koitelui area received relief goods from Loisei Investment and Finance Private Limited on Tuesday. Five kilograms of rice grain was distributed to each household in view of the food shortage caused by the prolonged lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.
Chairman of Koitelui Area Chiefs’ Association, Thangboi Baite said that people of the area were grateful to Loisei Investment and Finance for the help extended at a time when they are concentrating on the rehabilitation of the returnees.

MDC Khaipau Haokip asked the people to understand the danger of the pandemic virus and maintain strict compliance of the government order while praising the NGO for coming to fill the void caused by COVID-19 crisis.

Proprietor of Loisei Investment and Finance, Seiminthang Chongloi said online shopping portal will be launched soon in the area covering more than 15 villages. Essential foodstuff will be delivered at retail price on demands. It was the second time Loisei distributed relief material to the needy

First published:27 May 2020, 8:32 am


IFP Bureau

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