YBC urges to take action against DYF Heirok
"DYF, a newly born organisation in Heirok, blamed the government as if nothing had been done for the public. This is very unfortunate."

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 28 Jul 2020, 6:10 am

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The Youth Brilliance Club (YBC) Heirok Part III Ngarouthel area, Thoubal district has urged the authority concerned to book and give befitting punishments to ‘Democratic Youth Federation (DYF) Heirok kendra’  for allegedly  misleading and causing apprehension to the general public regarding COVID-19 containment measures being taken up by district administration Thoubal and District Police Thoubal. 

In a press conference held at the premises of the club located at Heirok part III, joint secretary of YBC, Laishram Deban vehemently refuted the charges leveled by DYF Heirok on media on Sunday, concerning the present containment measures being taken up by the Government at the containment zone of Heirok part III area.

Deban briefed that district administration Thoubal declared Heirok part III Ngarouthel area as a containment zone after a CRPF personnel under home quarantine tested positive on July 21. Right from the day of announcement, the members of YBC along with Police personnel and SPOs jointly took up security measures like sealing of the areas, he said. Nobody was also allowed to enter and exit from the containment area till date, he added.

Deban told that YBC along with the volunteers of Relief Committee against COVID-19 Heirok kendra sanitized and held a disinfection drive at the residence of the positive couple and all the places located within the containment zone on the second day with the consultation of district administration Thoubal.

The relief committee in a great help, distributed food and face masks to the people living within the containment zone, he said. A mass sanitization drive in the entire Heirok village also began from Sunday also, he added.

Deban told that YBC performed all these measures for the relief of the hardships faced by the public. “But DYF, a newly born organisation in Heirok, blamed the government as if nothing had been done for the public. This is very unfortunate,” he lamented. 

Deban  also said that in the statements of  DYF which was published in the local dailies, the district administration Thoubal and District Law Enforcement Thoubal  were charged of not performing  their duties in time.

It made the public residing in the containment zone of Heirok more apprehensive about the measures. This is totally against the norms and rules of Disaster Management Act of 2005, he said. He demanded that the authority concerned should book DYF Heirok Kendra under section 54 of the act and a befitting punishment should be given.

The press meet was also attended by president BYC Khumanthem Sujendra, Heirok part III pradhan N Tangba and some other club volunteers.

First published:28 Jul 2020, 6:10 am


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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