AMSU condemns release of Lhukhosei Zou on bail
The former Chandel ADC was arrested in 2018 with drug worth about Rs 27 crore.

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Updated on 26 May 2020, 7:18 pm

Representational image (PHOTO: Pixabay)

Representational image (PHOTO: Pixabay)

All Manipur Students' Union (AMSU) has strongly condemned the release of former Chandel ADC chairman Lhukhosei Zou on bail and transferring of additional superintendent of police NAB officer Thounaojam Brinda.

“Zou was easily and intentionally released and as such, justice will never be delivered in the state,” AMSU said in a statement.  

AMSU in the strongest terms condemns the release on bail of former Chandel ADC who was arrested in 2018 with drug worth about Rs 27 crore and transferring of NAB additional superintendent of police Thounaojam Brinda who arrested the drug kingpin, it stated.

Zou was released on interim bail on May 20 by NDPS Imphal Court.

"There are suspicions that the transfer of the officer is linked with the release of Zou," it added.

The release said many connected with small cases have been punished as per the Law. Those big drug cases related with crore of rupees, having nexus with higher-ups, have so far been not traced out, it added.

People are facing doubts that the present government's initiative ‘War against Drugs’, which claims to be successful, may go in vain with the release of the drug lord, the student body said. 

It is suspicious that he was released taking advantage of COVID-19 crisis while civil bodies, student bodies, women organisations are struggling with the present situation, it added.

The release stated as he failed to appear before the court, he was declared as an absconder. Releasing him on bail on medical grounds clearly shows the degree of commitment in the war against drugs, it stated. 

AMSU and people are perplexed concerning how the trial of the case would be continued in this situation, it added.

Officer Brinda on her Facebook post expressed discontentment in connection with the case. For that, a judicial association made a complaint to cyber crime police station stating that her words are derogatory, it said.

The union regards that transferring the NAB officer, while the case is yet to be settled, as not reasonable, it added.

It has morally discouraged dedicated officers and lessened people's trust on the judicial system. The people regard the act of releasing of the drug lord on bail and transfer of the officer is not merely about corrupt judges but also having strong interference of the government, AMSU said.

This clearly shows that those who have money power and political power can take Law and Judiciary system in the direction they want, it added.

 The release said the public will not lose trust towards the government when it acts neutral. Drug traders should be punished. The government need to change its attitude of hampering those who fight for justice, AMSU appealed

AMSU will continue to fight until justice is delivered and will ever stand against drugs, it said. 

Meantime, former MLA L Ibomcha has stated that an appeal must be submitted at the High Court against the order to release Lukhosei Zou on interim bail.

In a statement, Ibomcha stated that it is not clearly stated whether a recommendation was given by the State Medical Board concerning the doctor’s opinion on the accused person’s health condition.   

The only way the government can maintain its image against the strong reactions and harsh criticisms from civil bodies and many individuals, is by cancelling the bail order issued to the alleged ‘drug kingpin’, it said.  The government must immediately appeal to the high court to the cancel the bail order, it added. Such a step, if taken, will surely clear the doubts of the public against the government.

It may be recalled that during the Assembly session that was carried out last year on August 26, the CM announced that a strong law will be introduced so that those found involved in drugs related cases may not be released on bail and ensure that they are prosecuted.

To turn those words into actions, it would be a wise move to make an appeal to the high court to cancel the bail order, the former MLA asserted.

Meanwhile, as per an order issued by the state government, additional public prosecutor – cum- additional govt advocate (district), Manipur T Bipinchandra Singh has been transferred from Special Court (ND & PS), Manipur to District and Sessions Court Churachandpur.   

Additional public prosecutor – cum- additional govt advocate (district), Manipur  Koshia Mao has been transferred from District and Sessions Court, Senapati to Special Court (ND & PS) Manipur. 

First published:26 May 2020, 5:39 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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