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Civil Services Examination 2019: UPSC set to conduct Personality Tests amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Union Public Service Commission was in the midst of conducting the Personality Tests (PTs)/Interviews for 2,304 candidates for the Civil Services Examination, 2019 (CSE-2019) when the Government of India decided to impose lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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Updated 20 Jul 2020, 8:52 pm

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The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is gearing up to conduct Personality Tests (PTs)/Interviews of the remaining candidates for the Civil Services Examination, 2019 (CSE-2019).

The PTs for 2,304 candidates was being held when the Government of India decided to impose nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19. The commission had then deferred the remaining PT boards for 623 candidates of the CSE-2019 from March 23, 2020 onwards.

CSE 2019 PT/Interview dates - July 20-30, 2020

However, with gradual lifting of the lockdown, the commission has decided to hold the PTs for the remaining candidates from July 20-30, 2020 and all the candidates have been suitably informed, the commission said in a release.

In order to address the safety and health concerns of the candidates, expert advisers and staff of the Commission, suitable arrangements have been put in place, the UPSC said.


Reimbursement of airfare

As train services are not fully functional, the Commission, as a one-time measure, has decided to reimburse the lowest ‘to and fro airfare’ to the candidates coming for the PTs.

E-summon letters for CSE PT candidates

State governments have been requested to allow the candidates holding e-Summon Letters for PTs to move in/out of the restricted zones for the purpose of attending the same. The Commission is also helping the candidates with their lodging and transport requirements.

Sealed Kit for CSE PT candidates

On reaching the commission, all candidates will be provided a ‘Sealed Kit’ consisting of a face mask, face shield, a bottle of sanitizer and hand gloves.

Since the Interview Boards generally comprise of senior advisers, the Commission has taken all precautionary and safety measures for contactless PTs in order to shield the interviewers and the interviewees appropriately.


The Commission’s staff involved in conduct of the PTs will also be equipped with suitable protective gear.

Sanitization of rooms

Arrangements have been made for regular sanitization of all the rooms, halls, furniture and equipment. Seating arrangement for the candidates at all venues will ensure safe physical distancing.

Interview protocol and guidelines

Protocol/guidelines to be followed by the candidates for appearing in the interview have been communicated to them.

The commission is committed to ensure highest standards of health safety even as it fulfills its constitutional mandate for selecting the most suitable candidates through its examinations.


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IFP Bureau

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