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SSC Sawombung lifts First Five A Side Men's Open Football title
The best promising player of the year was awarded to Th Korounganba of Junior Star Sawombung.

ByIFP Sports Correspondent

Updated on 23 Nov 2021, 3:41 am

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SSC Sawombung lifted the Champion title of the 1st Five a Side Men's Open Football Tournament 2021 organised by Sawombung Student's Club at SSC Playground Sawombung, Imphal East.

The final match between the host team SSC Sawombung and Dress House, Patsoi saw both teams had a rather cautious approach to the game, but failed to cut the ice to render the normal time goalless.

Kicks from the penalty mark were pressed into service and both teams converted four kicks each and wasted one each, needing sudden death to decide the fate of the game. During the sudden death kicks, SSC Sawombung players Mang, Santa, Hemba, A.Rishan find their mark but for Dress House,  only Chungmei, Apu, Monish get their kick right while Joysana mistimed his kick for the defeat today.

The best promising player of the year was awarded to Th.Korounganba of Junior Star Sawombung while the best defender title was bagged by Y.Shanta Singh of SSC Sawombung, the best goalkeeper title for Kh.Rockey of Dress House Patsoi and the best player title to Chungmei of Dress House, Patsoi. The fair play team award was given to Young Star, Sawombung.

The winning team SSC Sawombung collected Rs 40,000 along with the trophy while the runners up team Dress House Patsoi received Rs 25,000 along with the trophy.

First published:23 Nov 2021, 3:32 am


IFP Sports Correspondent

IFP Sports Correspondent

Sports Bureau, Imphal, Manipur

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