Sensitisation programme on benefits of vaccination held in Tamenglong
The programme was organised by district health society Tamenglong in coordination with district administration Tamenglong.

ByTamenglong Correspondent

Updated on 4 Nov 2021, 3:14 pm




A district level sensitisation programme on benefits of vaccination as well as an interaction with consultative meetings for church and religious leaders, village authority of all villages of Tamenglong district were organised at multiple purpose hall, Tamenglong on Thursday. 

The programme was organised by district health society Tamenglong in coordination with district administration Tamenglong. 

Deputy commissioner Tamenglong Hungyo Worshang, SDO Tamenglong Rohit Anand, SDO Tousem, chief medical officer Tamenglong G Majachunglu district immunisation officer Tamenglong and nodal officer of COVID-19, Dr Sunil Kamei attended and shared the dais. 

Speaking on the occasion, deputy commissioner Tamenglong Worshang Hungyo said vaccination is one’s choice but all must get vaccinated at the earliest for best reasons. 

He cited various disadvantages brought by the pandemic even if one is not infected such as phone addiction among students, losing of goals and directions among youngsters and more. 

Considering that many election related activities are going on within the community, it is high time to take maximum precautions, he said.  

He also encouraged the people to get maximum vaccination so that everyone can fully celebrate Christmas. He also urged people to encourage free and fair elections. 

In his keynote address, the district immunisation officer and nodal officer of COVID-19 spoke about the destruction caused by COVID-19 during the last two years. 

He spoke about why vaccination rates are low in Tamenglong despite giving advocacies to the villages in the district. 

He said vaccines are safe for the human body and it has multiple benefits for health. He also spoke on the symptoms of COVID-19, and cautioned on how to take care of people who are infected with the virus. 

Church leaders, Village Authority members and public leaders also shared their views on vaccination and commended the hard work carried out by health workers while also encouraging them.  

 Chief medical officer Tamenglong Dr G Majachunglu clarified on the doubts about the vaccination and urged people to get vaccinated at the earliest so that people can be free from all the hardships. 


First published:4 Nov 2021, 3:14 pm


Tamenglong Correspondent

Tamenglong Correspondent

TAMENGLONG district, Manipur

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