Combing operation on COVID-19 vaccination to be conducted in Imphal West on from November 8
The assembly constituency-wise combing operation on COVID-19 vaccination will continue till November 22, an order stated.

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Updated on 31 Oct 2021, 5:57 am

(File Photo: IFP)

(File Photo: IFP)


Imphal West deputy commissioner has issued an order that assembly constituency-wise combing operation on COVID-19 vaccination in 13 assembly constituencies under the district will be started from November 8.

In an order issued on Friday signed by Imphal West DC, Th Kirankumar, it mentioned that all the persons of 18 years and above of the district, who are due for COVID-19 vaccination must get vaccinated. The district administration, Imphal West in collaboration with all stakeholders will be conducting assembly constituency-wise combing operation on COVID vaccination in the 13 assembly constituencies under its administrative control for mass vaccination of the left out persons who are due for the first or second dose of the vaccination.

The combing operation will start from November 8 and will be continuing till November 22, it added.
As per schedule mentioned in the order, vaccination sites will be opened at all polling stations of the respective assembly constituencies from 10 am to 4 pm on the fixed dates.

People under Sekmai assembly constituency can get the vaccine Sekmai on November 8; Lamshang on November 9; Konthoujam on November 10; Naoriya Pakhanglakpa on November 11; Langthabal on November 12; Patsoi on November 13; Wangoi on November 15; Mayang Imphal on November 16; Sagolband on November 17; Uripok on November 18; Thangmeiband on November 19; Keishamthong on November 20 and Singjamei on November 22, stated the order.

It stated that all left out eligible individual voters of the respective polling locations due for COVID-19 vaccination should come out and should take the vaccine. Announcement for the scheduled dates as well as identification of unvaccinated persons shall be taken up by the local clubs or representatives along with the BLOs. Concerned SDO and SDC shall be the nodal officer for the one time arrangement. All BLOs, ASHA, Anganwadi workers shall be present on the day of vaccination and create awareness to the public and find the unvaccinated or second dose left out persons.

The order also mentioned that CDOPs and CMO will be sensitising the same.

First published:31 Oct 2021, 5:57 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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