Liangmai tribe celebrates 'Chagaa Ngee' in Tamei
Chagaa is a festival of the Liangmai tribe where the men get to sanctify themselves by avoiding any sort of food prepared by a female.

ByTamenglong Correspondent

Updated on 30 Oct 2021, 4:08 pm

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People of Liangmai tribe on Saturday celebrated Chagaa Ngee, a sanctification ritual at Tamei in Tamenglong district, sending out greetings and wishes to all communities across the region, with the elders praying ‘Chagaa Gadi’ upon all, irrespective of their affiliations. 

Chaga Ngee’ is a festival unique to the Liangmai tribe and celebrated with awe and divine hope of new achievements, rededicating themselves to ‘Apou Charawang’, the ultimate divine in the belief of the Liangmai community. 

Chagaa is the festival where the men get to sanctify themselves by avoiding any sort of food prepared by a female. 

It is deemed a bad omen for a man to have shared a space with a female during the observation of the ritual. It is a serious ritual as it is a weeklong observation which culminates on this day.  

Minister Awangbow Newmai led the celebration and the culmination of the ritual at Tamei. 

Speaking on the occasion, the minister asserted the importance of divine guidance in the aspirations of all who seek new hopes. In a competitive time like these, it is hope alone which drives progress and achievements, he said.

Chagaa Ngee ritual is a renewal of hope by sanctifying themselves in a hope of achievements and accomplishment, he said. He also reached out to the young population of the state and warned them of the confusion with respect to their culture. 

He said, “We are living through a transition period and it is the youth alone who will determine a peaceful and harmonious space for the generation to come.” 

“Tribal communities have lost their culture in an exchange for fancy lifestyles and the ultimate loss is their identity,” he said. 

He also stressed on the importance of the celebration in all villages to keep the spirit of renewing hopes and aspirations alive. This, he said, is the culture of the Liangmai community and identity and that they will not lose track. As such, Liangmais respect and deserve respect because they know their rights as much as the others know their own, he maintained.

It may be mentioned that Forest minister Awangbow Newmai is a representative of Tamei assembly constituency, who voiced strong comments in a Manipur Legislative Assembly Cabinet to declare October 30 as a state holiday. 

It is already a state holiday in Nagaland where the Liangmai population is small as compared to the Liangmai population in Manipur state. He expressed hope that within a few months time, it will be a state holiday. 

 In a hope of progress and new achievements in the state, the minister expressed gratitude to the organising committee and appealed to all communities across the region to celebrate Chagaa Ngee in their own capacities by sharing hope, love and goodwill, in the form of exchanging sweets.


First published:30 Oct 2021, 4:08 pm


Tamenglong Correspondent

Tamenglong Correspondent

TAMENGLONG district, Manipur

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