Mary Kom's husband to contest election in Manipur
A declaration and blessing programme for intending candidate K Onkholer was held at the Samulamlan village, Churachandpur district.

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Updated on 31 Oct 2021, 4:00 am

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K Onkholer, husband of boxer and Rajya Sabha MP Mary Kom on Saturday declared that he will be contesting in the upcoming Manipur Assembly elections from 59 Saikot (ST) Assembly constituency. 

It is likely that Onkholer will have a straight fight with senior Congress leader TN Haokip who is the present MLA of the constituency. He, however, has not joined any political party yet.

A declaration and blessing programme for the intending candidate was held at the Samulamlan village, Churachandpur district. It was attended by various church leaders, village chiefs and representatives, social workers, women and youth leaders of Saikot constituency. 

Speaking on the occassion, Onkholer said that he stepped into politics after considering the needs of various developmental activities that need to be taken up for the welfare of the people of his constituency. 

He said to serve the public with the spirit of dedication and commitment he had decided to contest the election after thoroughly consulting with Mary Kom.

Informing that he may join any party or even contest as independent candidate, he appealed to the public of Saikot to judge him by his personality and not by the political party which he might join.

Talking about the several election-related violence happening in the state, he said, "Election is not about fighting, it is just a competition. Let us refrain from any sort of violence act and firmly stick to peace."  

Pastors comming from various churches offered the blessing prayer for Onkholer and wished him good luck in contesting the election.

Sport materials and gifts were distributed to various youth clubs and village leaders by the intending candidate during the programme.

As per reliable source, Onkholer is hoping to get a BJP ticket.

First published:30 Oct 2021, 12:46 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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