Photojournalist Soreishim passes away, Ukhrul District Working Journalists' Association mourns
The photojournalist of 'Morung Express' Soreishim Mahong passed away on Wednesday at Dimapur.

ByUkhrul Correspondent

Updated on 27 Oct 2021, 6:11 pm

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A senior photojournalist of a Nagaland-based daily Morung Express, Soreishim Mahong passed away on Wednesday at Dimapur.

Mahong is a resident of Choithar village in Ukhrul district.

Extending its condolences, the Ukhrul District Working Journalists' Association (UDWJA) stated, “at this hour of pain and sorrow, we sincerely share the grief of the bereaved family. May the Almighty God grants strength, courage and comfort to the family to cope with in this difficult times.” 

Joining the family and the newspaper publication house in mourning the sudden demise of Soreishim, UDWJA stated that it is a great loss for the district media fraternity and not just the newspaper firm he was working for. 

First published:27 Oct 2021, 6:11 pm


Ukhrul Correspondent

Ukhrul Correspondent

UKHRUL district, Manipur

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