Manipur: Foundation stone of Rs 8.7 Crore Water Supply Scheme laid
The water supply scheme is to be constructed by Keystone Construction Pvt. Ltd. under New Development Bank, NDB, funding.

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Updated on 24 Oct 2021, 5:01 pm




Mnaipur Education Minister S Rajen Singh laid the foundation stone of the Augmentation of Lamsang Water Supply Scheme at Taothong Apheiba in Lamsang assembly constituency on Sunday. The water supply scheme is to be constructed by Keystone Construction Pvt. Ltd. under New Development Bank, NDB, funding.

Speaking as the chief guest minister Rajen informed that by the end of 2021, all water supply schemes which are being constructed under different schemes in Lamsang assembly constituency will be handed over to the public of Lamsang assembly constituency. Thaoroijam Water Supply Scheme, Mana Ingkhol Water Supply Scheme and Salam Water Supply Scheme are all set for inauguration.

The construction of Mayanglangjing Water Supply Scheme, Khonghampat Water Supply Scheme, Kameng Water Supply Scheme have recorded good progress. Water Supply schemes at Tingri, Haorangsabal and Heibongpokpi which are under construction have made tremendous progress. Awangkhunou Water Supply Scheme and Kwakshiphai water Supply Schemes are also being upgraded. New water supply schemes will also be taken up, he added.

Rajen said that before the upcoming state assembly election, 2022, 90 per cent of the total households in Lamsang assembly constituency will be provided drinking water. Besides water supply facilities, education facilities in Lamsang assembly constituency have also been upgraded. Praja High School, Lamsang and Khonghampat High School have been upgraded to Higher Secondary status.

He maintained that the present government has taken up many developmental and welfare schemes of the public. Law and order condition has been comparatively improved.

Unique and distinct policies and schemes have been initiated. People can now feel the sense of oneness. The government is doing its best for the welfare of the people, he added. Minister also appealed to the public to cooperate with the government on such initiatives.

Former chairperson of Lamsang Nagar Panchayat also shared the dais as president. Local leaders, former councillors, officials from PHED and Keystone Const. Pvt. Ltd and others also attended the occasion.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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