Vision Saitu 2022 continues motor rally for free, fair election
The organisers stated that Vision Saitu 2022 was instituted to act as a harbinger of change and radical transformation. Essentially

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Updated on 23 Oct 2021, 3:53 pm




Vision Saitu 2022 organised its second phase of Motor Rally for Free and Fair elections from Leimakhong to Charoi Pandongba via Kangchup, New Keithelmanbi, and Kotlen, all within the Saitu assembly constituency on Saturday. 

As per the team, it invited the incumbent MLA and other presently known intending candidates of Saitu assembly constituency to voice their concerns for free and fair elections and the true spirit of electoral democracy while Lamtinthang Haokip and K Lhouvum accepted the invitation and participated in the flag off event at Leimakhong.

The organisers stated that Vision Saitu 2022 was instituted to act as a harbinger of change and radical transformation. Essentially, it was started with the goal to advocate for free and fair elections, not just in the assembly constituency but in electoral politics as a whole, recalling the Saitu By Elections 2021 where there were rampant misuse of power, the use of force and intimidation, and guns and money power, and all other sorts of corrupt practices, it stated.  

Vision Saitu 2022 strongly believed that these corrupt and anti-social practices are hindrances to development and the people as a whole, and therefore it has taken its resolute stance to stand against corruption but advocate for free and fair elections that will improve the quality of life, it added.

It stated that various civil bodies, chiefs and youth organisations took part in the event. They also shared their views on the need for free and fair elections while also promising to join in the fight for free and fair elections, it mentioned.

Cyclist Philem Rohan also took part in the event at New Keithelmanbi, voicing his opinions for just and fair elections.

The team extended sincere thanks to all the volunteers who participated in the rally, particularly Lamtinthang Haokip for joining the rally till the end in the team effort to make Saitu assembly constituency a model constituency.

It stated that evil and corrupt practices, especially in electoral politics must no longer have a place in the making of modern society since they are antisocial while appealing to the people to support Free and Fair elections and fight against the corrupt anti-social activities.



First published:23 Oct 2021, 3:53 pm


Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur

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