Manipur: Man found transporting nine horses, detained
The nine horses are kept detained at Tengnoupal police station for verification of their breed.

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Updated on 21 Oct 2021, 7:28 pm

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)


Amid drives organised at regular intervals to protect Manipur Ponies as their population is dwindling down and reached a vulnerable stage in the state, a man has been detained by police after he was found trying to transport nine horses from Sekmaijin, Kakching district to Moreh, Tengnoupal district on Thursday.

The nine horses are kept detained at Tengnoupal police station for verification of their breed. The police action was taken after the secretary, Manipur Pony Society N Ibungochoubi alerted the police about the transportation.

Police reported that the transporter reached Tengnoupal police station at about 3 pm. Based on the information provided by Ibungochoubi, the police detained the horses along with the transporter at the same police station for further verification.

The transporter produced a certificate issued by the office of the veterinary hospital, Kakching district. The certificate mentioned that the name of the transporter is Jamkhogin from Chikin village, Kakching district and he is carrying the nine horses from Sekmaijin to Moreh for the purpose of rearing. The certificate signed by veterinary officer Sh Brojendro Singh was issued on Saturday.

It is reported that the horses are being transported in a goods vehicle (Tata) bearing registration number NL07A-6692.

Superintendent of police, Tengnoupal district Th Bikramjit Singh said they will be let go if the transporters can produce proper documents. As there is lack of facilities for verification of the horse breed, he has instructed the police officials concerned to contact experts from nearby veterinary hospitals, he said.

The police are trying to finish the verification at the earliest by considering that the weather in Tengnoupal could affect the health condition of the horses, he said.

Meanwhile, secretary, Manipur Pony Society N Ibungochoubi said there are no criminal offences in carrying, rearing or transporting animals if proper care is taken during the transportation. He had alerted the police as there is an apprehension that ponies could be transported for other purposes which could affect their population in Manipur.

If the horses are transported for the purpose of rearing as stated in the certificate, then he would rather encourage them, he said. However, the public will not tolerate if the horses are found to be transported for other purposes, he added.

The population of Manipuri pony is vulnerable at present as there are hardly 2,000 of them and among the recognised six breeds of Indian horses, Manipur pony has the least population, he added.

He appreciated Manipur police for taking immediate action for the process of verification of the said horses. 

Speaking to the Imphal Free Press over the phone, director, state department of veterinary Chabungbam Nandakishore expressed that transportation of Manipur pony outside the country is illegal but they can be transported within the country with proper documents.

He said that he had informed the officials concerned to bring back the nine horses from the Tengnoupal police station. The horses shall be kept at Marjing pony complex from Friday, he added.

Nandakishore also appealed to the pony owners to get hold of their ponies which have been let to roam freely in the streets. The department will start catching the horses released on streets and they will be kept at Marjing pony complex, he added.  

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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