Minister Losii Dikho inaugurates Ngulhao Theological Seminary building
Churches can play important roles in implementing different projects of the government, the PHED minister said.

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PHED minister Losii Dikho on Tuesday inaugurated the Ngulhao Theological Seminary building at Motbung in Kangpokpi district.

The inaugural function was attended by the minister as chief guest while Kangpokpi assembly constituency MLA Nemcha Kipgen and chief of Motbung Model village, Kaikhosei Lhouvum attended as guest of honour and president respectively.

To mark the inauguration, minister Losii Dikho unveiled the inaugural plaque in the presence of MLA Nemcha Kipgen and Motbung Model village chief Kaikhosei Lhouvum before it was dedicated by president, Thadou Baptist Association India reverend Dr Vumthang Sitlhou who attended as the dedicating minister.

Speaking at the occasion minister Losii Dikho expressed his happiness to be a part of such an important event as he considered himself blessed with the prayer of the Churches.

He said, “The establishment of the Ngulhao Theological Seminary could only happen because there are visionaries among us and this institution will be a great future for all of us and the society will definitely grow when we have farsighted leaders who have visions.”

He said that the church is playing an important role in many situations including the development activities taking place in the state which many people failed to acknowledge. “But people like us who depend on the prayer of the people in the church could see the contribution the church has rendered for the growth of the society and the state at large,” he added.

Churches can play important roles in implementing different projects of the government. “I wish the government schemes are also implemented by the churches but since no constitutional provisions are available we cannot do much,” he added.

“India is a beautiful country dominated by the Hindus and as we respect their culture and religion we are also expecting the same from them but unfortunately, it is very disheartening that in our country, despite the leadership doing so many good things, we have seen our Christians are being neglected and harassed in various places of the country,” he said. In this regard the political leadership is not handling it so well, he added.

“We cannot discriminate against people on religious and community lines. We give respect to get the same and this is the need of the hour while it is also high time for all of us to pray about it,” he added.

In Manipur, fortunately, though the Christian community is a minority, yet the general people respect the Christians and their culture and religion and we could live together peacefully, he further said,
“Kangpokpi assembly constituency MLA Nemcha Kipgen and I represent the people and we have run the government to bring development, changes, and peace in the state,” he added.  

Nemcha Kipgen said that TBA is one of the oldest denominations among the Thadou community and “I believe Ngulhao Theological Seminary would bring huge changes in the theological field and it will definitely produce good theological leaders in the society.”

Chairman of the Ngulhao Theological Seminary Governing Board, Seilet Singsit said that the main NTS building will be constructed in front of the temporary building, whose foundation stone was erected on December 22.

He said that the Ngulhao Theological Seminary is established to propagate the word of God to reach unreached areas; to train and produce the young talented and dynamic leaders for God’s Ministry and the society; to be a Research centre in the future, and to mould the character of the young generation thought Gospel.

He also said that the NTS is in its initial stage, lacking behind in all respect, “we need water for drinking, washing and for toilet, separate toilet for male and female, a hostel for boys and Girls being the students are coming from far-flung areas like Nagaland, N.C Hills Assam and all districts of Manipur, furniture for office, Library room, staffs room, and classrooms and library books.”

Motbung Model village chief Kaikhosei Lhouvum and others also spoke on the occasion which culminated with an inaugural feast while Hahao and friends enthralled the crowd with their God’s praising songs during the function.


First published:20 Oct 2021, 8:19 am


Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur

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