All must vote responsibly in coming state assembly election: MPCC president Loken
A reception-cum-felicitation for Congress leader N Loken Singh was organised by Konthoujam Kendra Block Congress Committee at Khumbong Joypurkhul on Monday.

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Updated on 18 Oct 2021, 4:15 pm

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Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president N Loken Singh on Monday said people should vote responsibly and elect the right candidate in the upcoming state assembly election as they can vote only once in five years

Loken was speaking at his reception-cum-felicitation function organised by Konthoujam Kendra Block Congress Committee at Khumbong Joypurkhul on Monday. 

The MPCC president said voters should cast their valuable vote responsibly since they will have to wait for another five years to elect new representatives even if they regret their decision and want a new government.

Loken expressed confidence that there will be no BJP government in the state after the state assembly election in 2022 and asserted that the Congress party will form the government. He added that there will be no BJP government at the Centre after the parliamentary election in 2024.

The people voted for BJP candidates in the state during the last assembly election with the belief that there could be changes and new development in the state under a new BJP government since there was a BJP government in power at the Centre, he said.

However, the reality under the BJP government is against the expectations and hopes of the people, said Loken.

The state BJP government had been claiming of a better relationship between the peoples from hills and valley under its governance, Loken further said, adding there were no differences or enmity between the people from the hills and valleys even during the Congress government.

The only problem was that a few non-state actors banned the then government from entering a few hill districts, he added.

Former Parliament member Thokchom Meinya and few other office bearers of MPCC were also present in the function.


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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