LET felicitates National Teachers Award 2021 winner Ningmareo Shimray
Shimray appealed to the parents to invest maximum time for their children, and not leave everything in the hands of teachers alone.

ByUkhrul Correspondent

Updated on 18 Oct 2021, 10:31 am

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The Longyao Education Trust (LET) felicitated National Teachers Award 2021 winner, Ningmareo Shimray on Sunday at Wino Shanao Long hall, Ukhrul district.

Born on January 1, 1968, Ningmareo started giving home tuition while he was reading Class-X as means to self-support. He later got his appointment as a science graduate teacher at Model Government High School, Ukhrul in 2007. He was promoted to lecturer in 2019 and was posted to Ukhrul Higher Secondary School in 2020.

Speaking at the felicitation programme organised by LET, Ningmareo credited almighty God for the award he had been bestowed upon.

He appealed to the parents to invest maximum time for their children, and not leave everything in the hands of teachers alone. Parents must inculcate the good examples set by the valley brethren who take utmost care in their children’s education, and not leave their wards on teachers alone.

He continued that in the recently declared UPSC examination, no aspirants from Ukhrul district made a breakthrough while six from the state capital including one from Kuki community have successfully cracked the prestigious examination. This does not happen by itself but parents have played their role well behind their success story.

In his welcome address, LET member, HA Sothing, who is also the Ukhrul correspondent of All India Radio, welcomed the congregation for their presence.

He said that LET has been organising district level mathematics competition for the last many years with the aim to impart mathematics education to the young minds.

Model High School headmistress, Anan Rumthao; Ukhrul Higher Secondary School headmistress Mercy; and Alice Christian High School assistant teacher, Ngachonsing Kashung also spoke on the occasion and lauded the exemplary achievement set by Ningmareo in winning the National Teachers Award.  

Moderated by lecturer Tonton Muirang member LET, the program began with prayer announced by Revd Somi Kasomwoshi, pastor Ukhrul town baptist church while Rev. Rajan Shadang, program officer Tangkhul Theological pronounced the benediction.

Elaborating on the inception of Longyo Welfare Development Society (LWDS) of which Longyo Education Trust is its by-product, LET convenor, Hopkinson Chiphang, who is also the OC of Shangshak Police Station stated that LWDS was established in 1987 by like-minded individuals in association with mathematics teachers with the sole intent to encourage and support children’s education.

Ningmareo has been trying to improve his techniques of teaching mathematics. He had also conducted a series of experimentations which culminated in the development of the new strategy of teaching and learning of mathematics for Classes I to XII, discovery of a new  number system; Bi-Quartet Number System and development of the Concept of Sub-syllables.

Shimray is also set to release his two books on mathematics and pronunciation: New Strategy of Learning and Teaching of Mathematics for Classes I to XII in which he has enclosed bi-quartet number system and its applications; and A New Strategy of Learning English Pronunciation: Cracking the Code of English Pronunciation in which he has enclosed the concept of sub-syllables and its applications.  

First published:18 Oct 2021, 10:31 am


Ukhrul Correspondent

Ukhrul Correspondent

UKHRUL district, Manipur

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