'COVID-19 pandemic second wave nearing its end in Manipur'
The health department observed that many failed to follow Covid appropriate behaviour during the celebration of Durga Puja festival.

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Updated on 17 Oct 2021, 7:37 am

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The acute phase of COVID-19 pandemic second phase is over and nearing its end as per the scientific parameters, announced spokesperson of Health Services Manipur, Dr Kh Sasheekumar on Saturday.

Dr Sasheekumar was addressing the state-level weekly press briefing on COVID-19 pandemic held at the State Ophthalmic Cell in Imphal West.

In the last few days, the average positivity rate stood at 5.2 per cent, he said and this shows that the ending of the Covid pandemic second phase is getting nearer. 

Pointing out that the active positive cases in the state is only 1,444 which is only 48.1 per lakh population, he said that as per the parameter given by WHO, such rates are listed in the category of “not apprehensive.”

As per the vaccination data, almost one-third of the population of the state can be considered as “protected from Covid,” the spokesperson stated. 

Modification of various social norms by the public, such as reducing the timing of religious rituals or ceremonies and reducing the number of invitees also help in bringing down the positive rate in the state, Sasheekumar said. 

In the last four-five days almost 86 per cent of the beds in the various Covid Care Centres remained vacant, and the government hospitals are strengthening its manpower, infrastructure and other medical equipment, he added. 

He also informed that the number of volunteer testing of COVID-19 in the state is becoming lesser, so almost all the positive cases were detected only during diagnostic testing.

However, Manipur might witness a slight rise in the COVID-19 positivity rate as many have failed to follow the Covid Appropriate Behaviours during the celebration of the Durga Puja festival in the state, he said.

The Health department observed that the general public has clearly violated the SOPs in celebration of the Durga Puja in places like Hiyangthang and Mantripukhri, he said.

However, it will not give much effect on the positivity rate as the acute phase of the Covid second wave is over as per the scientific parameters, he maintained.

Sasheekumar also announced that the state is waiting for the approval of universal vaccination from the Centre. Once approved, all children who have reached the age of two can get vaccinated, he added.

He lastly appealed to the public to continue following the Covid Appropriate Behaviours and get vaccinated at the same time to overcome the pandemic.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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