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Ima Keithel, Imphal (PHOTO: IFP)

Silence of market women

IFP Bureau12 May 2022

IFP Editorial: With time, the market women relented and agreed to the construction of market complexes after several rounds of negotiations and assurances and the first floors remained a free space except for the basic amenities. Now the first question which comes to mind is, how did the government manage to convince today’s leaders of the market on the first floor construction.

Khwairamband Keithel, Imphal (PHOTO: IFP)

Time to open the women markets

IFP Bureau29 Jan 2021

IFP Editorial: Till date, the main women markets in Khwairamband market have remained closed since March and the state government is yet to come up with a viable SOP for the women markets.

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