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CPI-MSC protest against price hike

IFP Bureau13 Apr 2022

Calling the price hike an unnecessary move, CPI state secretary L  Sotinkumar accused the ruling government for catering to the greed of wealthy corporations while exploiting the general public and the economically backward people.

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The runaway hike in petrol

IFP Bureau21 Oct 2021

IFP Editorial: Prices of every commodity, including vegetables have increased manifold and the poor are hit hard. But then, the opposition and general public remains in slumber except for occasional press releases and press conferences.

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No time for petty politics

IFP Bureau21 Jun 2021

IFP Editorial: Assembly elections are only a few months away and political parties are warming up for it. But right now, the people are in mourning of the daily COVID deaths and fear of fresh infections. We are not talking only of the government’s indifferent attitude to people’s suffering and torment but the sheer audacity of the effort to score brownie points now.

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