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Kangleipak Calendar Board observes 14th foundation day

IFP Bureau20 May 2022

Since the establishment of the board, almost all the differences and confusion of the date of the cultural practice by the people of Manipur, especially Meetei, has been sorted out through scientific findings by consulting with astrology experts and scholars, KCB secretary S Sanjit said.

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Give more teeth for ILP

IFP Bureau18 Apr 2022

IFP Editorial: Manipuris had for decades been demanding a regulation to check the entry of migrants from neighbouring states and the mainland, and well, a constitutional safeguard for the indigenous population of the state particularly the Meiteis.

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The Breaking of Silence

IFP Bureau11 Apr 2022

IFP Editorial: Now, is the time for pushing the demand for making Manipuri a classical language of India. Despite being the lingua franca of the state, it is spoken in Manipuri populated areas in Bangladesh, Myanmar and other Northeastern states like Assam and Tripura.


The meaning of Sajibu Cheiraoba

IFP Bureau14 Apr 2021

IFP EDITORIAL: Sajibu Nongma Panba is a celebration of the Meitei New Year in which offerings of food were made to sylvan deities and spirits to take away the bad things, diseases and whatever to give away for good things to come in the New Year.

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