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Ukhrul, Manipur (File Photo: IFP)

Unshackling Ladakh and its impact for Manipur

Ngaranmi Shimray3 Dec 2021

The tribals of Manipur continue to face similar situation of neglect and oppression from the majority community in the state, as the minority Ladakhis did in the State of J&K. the decision of the Central government granting Ladakh the status of UT and unshackling it from J&K seems to provide a glimmer of hope for the marginalised tribes of Manipur to dream of separate land identities for themselves.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (PHOTO: Facebook)

Questioning- Integral part of Democracy

Kajal Chatterjee28 Jun 2020

The section of Indians who are truly patriotic and concerned for the sanctity of Indian territory are indebted to Rahul Gandhi for his bold questions and sense of responsibility, that too without launching personal attack on the Who's Who of the current dispensation at the Centre!

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