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Chronic lethargy and migrant workers

Arambam Luther5 Aug 2022

Although the state had implemented the ILP system, it still remains a general concern of the public regarding the influx of non-Manipuris into the state that the indigenous population is under threat of facing extinction.


Migrants and power shift

IFP Bureau10 Jul 2022

IFP Editorial: The final figure of Census 2001 of Manipur was not based on actual head count but on projected data. For years, a major grouping of tribes in the state had been blind to steady infiltration of migrants from Myanmar while in pursuit of its political agenda.


Campaign blues and gestures

IFP Bureau22 Feb 2022

IFP Editorial: In Manipur, BJP leaders are talking about free rice distribution as a boon given by the Narendra Modi government. This is quite insulting to the people of Manipur.

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More teeth for Inner Line Permit

IFP Bureau14 Dec 2021

IFP Editorial: Instead of harping on how kind PM Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah is for extending ILP to the state, the Manipur government should be framing certain rules and regulations in conformity with the demands of JCILPS.

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