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War on Drugs: Illegal drugs seized, three arrested

IFP Bureau16 May 2022

Brown sugar weighing around 1.32 kg from was found from the possession of two drug smugglers while 1,584 capsules of SPAS- OPAN C+ locally known as SP Tablet; 45 bottles of ANREX-CP Cough Syrup containing codeine phosphate IP 10mg (100ml each) were seized from another smuggler in Thoubal district.


Home grown drug units

IFP Bureau13 Apr 2022

IFP Editorial: The poor villagers who toil in the poppy fields, it is just another day’s work. For them, it does not matter whether it is poppy or any other crop as long as they get the wages howsoever meagre it may be.


Couriers are not important; the big fish always gets away

IFP Bureau29 Aug 2021

IFP Editorial: Merely rewarding policemen for seizure of drugs and couriers is not enough. The main focus should be on investigation of the drugs which found its way into the hands of the law-enforcing agencies and in finding out who are the powerful patrons or drug-lords behind this lucrative business.

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