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That thing called war

IFP Bureau11 May 2022

IFP Editorial: The general impression is that the state is targeting the victims and simplistic poppy farmers while protecting the interests of the major players.

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Illegal rehab centres and human rights abuse

IFP Bureau4 Nov 2021

IFP Editorial: The mission for bringing back the drug addicts into the mainstream must be followed and the rule-book or the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) established by the state authorities for operation and running of such rehab centres must be put into practice.


Couriers are not important; the big fish always gets away

IFP Bureau29 Aug 2021

IFP Editorial: Merely rewarding policemen for seizure of drugs and couriers is not enough. The main focus should be on investigation of the drugs which found its way into the hands of the law-enforcing agencies and in finding out who are the powerful patrons or drug-lords behind this lucrative business.

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