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Marginalisation of Congress

RK Nimai26 Apr 2022

Congress failure from Indira Gandhi’s time is the inability to tolerate local or regional satrap. This is perhaps due to insecurity that these leaders if they become too powerful may seek change in the national leadership.

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Restrictions and vaccination

IFP Bureau14 Feb 2022

IFP Editorial: What is stopping the state or district administrations from increasing the rate of vaccination like others have done. Perhaps, the fault lies in the lack of initiative or innovation on the part of the district administrators.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Anyone from Manipur?

IFP Bureau2 Jul 2021

IFP Editorial: If Chief Minister N Biren Singh is able to impress upon the Central leadership to induct one in the Union ministry, it might do wonders in the impending assembly elections next year.

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