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Shirui Lily Festival 2022: 7-Aside Futsal tournament to be held from May 16 to 21

The six-day long tournament will be jointly organised by the 4th Shirui Lily State festival Entertainment sub-committee and Aran League.

ByUkhrul Correspondent

Updated 14 May 2022, 2:19 am


Shirui Lily State level festival Entertainment sub-committee and Aran League is all set to organise the ‘7 - Aside Futsal tournament’ from May 16 to 21 as part of the 4th Shirui Lily State festival.

The six-day long tournament will be jointly organised by the 4th Shirui Lily State festival Entertainment sub-committee and Aran League. This was announced during a press conference at the office of additional district magistrate, Ukhrul on Friday.

At the press conference, convener of 4th Shirui Lily State festival entertainment sub- committee Chunglenmang Kipgen who is also the ADM of Ukhrul said that the main purpose of the committee is to organise the 7-Aside tournament and encourage youths to take active part in games and sports activities, and impart essence of healthy body in life while enjoying the festival.


In addition to creating awareness on the menace of drugs, the game of football will provide an opportunity for youths to make new friendships. “Youths should not indulge in drugs. They should rather streamline their vision and intend towards good health, sound mind and work towards maintaining a civilised society.”

He further said that bodybuilding, marathon race (men’s) events will be taken up. “World bodybuilding champions will take part in the event. A marathon race will be held from Ukhrul town to Shirui village and culminate back in Ukhrul. The race will cover a distance of around 30 kilometres,” Kipgen added.

Renowned bodybuilder Robert Meitei will play a key role in the body building event, he added.  
Meanwhile, president of Aran League Akui WR said that 16 teams will take part in the competition.
We are also planning to propose the chief minister’s team for holding an exhibition match at Landang village artificial turf.

Landang is located just a few kilometers away from Shirui village, the abode of the state flower, Shirui Lily. Aran who was accompanied by Aran League Sports secretary T Railang Awungshi said, “Champion teams will be awarded with Rs 1 lakh while runners up will head home with Rs 50, 000.”


The two semi finalist teams that fail to make it through the final will be awarded with Rs 10,000 each. Best player, best goal keeper and top scorer will receive a sum of Rs 2,000 respectively, he added.  
The scheduled match will be held at  Langdang artificial turf and Vashin tang, Viewland turf.

Registration for the upcoming tournament will start on May 16 and will remain closed on May 21.
Registration fees are fixed at rupees 2,000 while managers meeting will be held on  May 23 at 11 am at Tangkhul Theological Association (TTA) complex located at Hamleikhong, Ukhrul.

It may be mentioned that the four-day long 4th Shirui Lily state festival is scheduled to begin on May 25 and will conclude on May 28.

Arang League may be reached at 9366350581 and 8259889168 concerning the details of the registration.


First published:14 May 2022, 2:19 am


Shirui Lily festival 2022Shirui Lily State festival7 - Aside Futsal tournament

Ukhrul Correspondent

Ukhrul Correspondent

UKHRUL district, Manipur


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